ShellShock Live


Phew, his bouncing attack missed me twice! Hold on, you little red tank, you - let me get the right angle, power and a devastating weapon to wipe you off this map! Oh bugger! Not only did I miss him, but I managed to exterminate my teammate! What a shock . . . it is ShellShock Live after all!

ShellShock Live is an action multiplayer game where you take control of a cute little green tank in battle. This game is primarily a multiplayer game but it has a campaign mode which includes 81 missions to beat. The campaign mode will help you to understand the game and weapons.  Importantly, it will show you how to get the right angle for your shell to hit your enemy at the end of its trajectory in order to inflict maximum damage. You will be able to level up and unlock several weapons, maps and parts. Each time you level up, you will be rewarded with a token which you can use to upgrade the chassis, the track, the gun and even the luck of your tank.

When you are ready to fight online, you can create your own game or join an existing game. Most of the games I played online were 4 vs 4 but you might get to play 8 vs 8 if you are lucky. I must warn you, it was mayhem! Well, I was constantly targeted with some insane weapons! As you enter a game, you will spawn on one side of the map with your teammates and your opponent will spawn on the opposite side. Then you will have 45 seconds to move your tank to either a better and safer position or leave it where it is if you are happy with the location. The next turn (also 45 seconds) you will start fire shells or be the recipient of the enemy projectiles and so on and so forth until one of you is the last tank rolling! You might manage a maestro hit on one of your enemies and a golden gear might appear on the map - make to collect it as soon as possible. You will use the golden gear at the gear shop to buy addition gizmos.

A fair number of people are playing ShellShock Live online and it is very easy to find and play a game; on top of that the community is very friendly too. You also have a leader board and you can even create your clan.  

Graphically the game looks good and it runs very well and I have not experienced any drop-out online. This is a fun, addictive game with plenty of re-playability.


+ Fun and addictive game
+ 100’s of weapons and maps to unlock
+ Good number of upgrades and tank customization
+ Great value for money
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Random obstacles within turns can be painful at times

Review Summary

ShellShock Live is a great multiplayer game! Very addictive and seriously fun!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10