Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter a giveaway competition?

To enter a giveaway you must first register an account with Zeepond. Once registered and signed in head over to our Enter a Competition page. Entry is simple just select a game to enter, scroll down to the section market Entry and select 'Enter This Competition'.

How do I register an account?

To register head over to our Registration Page. You can register an account using your email address or via your social media account. We currently support Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, Linkedin and Steam.

Can I enter the same giveaway more than once?

Yes, all our giveaways allow for a single entry per day for the duration of the giveaway. Our daily giveaway timer resets at 2:00PM AEST (03:00AM UTC).

How often can I enter a giveaway?

You can enter into as many giveaways as you like, however you can only add a single entry per giveaway per day. Our daily giveaway timer resets at 2:00PM AEST (03:00AM UTC).

How do I delete my account?

Due to the recent GDPR laws we have included a function to allow users to remove their account from Zeepond. To do this you must first login then under you profile picture select My Profile -> Edit Profile scroll towards the bottom of the page and select the option marked 'Delete account and user profile'.

How do I appeal a ban?

If your account has been disabled or banned and you believe this was done by mistake you can place a post on the forums under the Appeal a Ban section. You do not need an account to post within this section.

Can I sell my giveaway keys?

We strongly encourage all members of Zeepond to read our Giveaway Rules page. To summarise, no we don't endorse the selling of our giveaway keys, keys obtained from a giveaway are for personal use only. Zeepond reserves the right to ban or block your account if you are found to be selling keys from our giveaways.