RISKY CHRONICLES and the curse of destiny


Ladies and gentlemen, a new explorer is born. His name is Risky. He looks a little bit like Indiana Jones and, like him, thrives on new and dangerous adventures. Armed with a gun, a knife, and of course, a classic fedora hat, he is about to start his next adventure with you in RISKY CHRONICLES and the curse of destiny.

RISKY CHRONICLES and the curse of destiny is a platformer game developed and self-published by Consulog on the 26 of April 2024 on the Steam platform.

The game consists of 10 well-designed levels of average length, each with their own specific enemies, and most of them providing a boss fight at the end of the stage. Most stages are presented as platformers, but a few levels have a slightly different presentation. The underwater level, for example, is essentially a side-scroller where dangerous fish move up and down; you can avoid them or shoot at them. The last level sees Risky in heaven pushing a bubble, avoiding obstacles and enemies. In a couple of levels you have a little bit of a variation where the first part is your typical platformer and the second part has Risky on a bike either in the desert avoiding circular saw blades being thrown at him, or in a cave avoiding large rocks. The game will take under three hours to complete the game and doesn't provide much replayability.

There are plenty of save points throughout the platforming levels. You can't miss them as they are a shiny blue light, and they will definitely help your progression in the beginning when you don't know the entire level. But when you do know the level, there are so many that it significantly decreases the game's difficulty. The other point that reduces the difficulty is the large number of extra lives you can collect throughout each level. In one level, I reached the boss chamber with 11 lives to spare! To make it even easier, once you’ve reached the boss chamber, the next time around all you need to do is go to the portal close to the start of each level, and Risky will be teleported right next to the boss chamber. It’s nice but unnecessary, in my view.

Don't get me wrong here; Risky will lose many lives in this game, and some of these deaths will be due to obstacles such as sculptures shooting arrows, cannons, and rocks of different sizes dropping from different places and in one level by gliding Eskimos. There are the usual spikes and a few other traps. You’ll lose most of Risky's lives when you fight the bosses. I thoroughly enjoyed the bosses, and most of them took me some time to beat, especially the vampire.

I enjoy games like this one that have a retro feel and simple mechanics, where all you can do is jump to avoid a small rock, or crouch to avoid projectiles, and you can't shoot with your gun while jumping. But I think there are some fluidity issues, like Risky taking his time to go up or down ladders and crawling faster than running. This game was fun, and the graphics and music were excellent.

Review written by THE CPT FROGGY for Zeepond.com

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+ Nice graphics
+ 10 levels to complete
+ Well-designed levels
+ Different enemies from one level to the next
+ Fun boss fights


- Too many extra lives within levels
- Short game
- Not much replayability
- No achievements or trading cards as yet

Review Summary

Risky Chronicles is a fun little game with good boss fights, but it is far too lenient with extra lives, making it too easy to finish.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10