Last Regiment


 On the main menu screen is where you’ll find the following Game Modes: Campaign (Single Player Campaign), Skirmish (Play Against Various Factions), and Multiplayer (Play Online Against the Community). You can also find Lore, Encyclopedia and Editor, although these are currently locked but will be available at some point in the future. There are also some links to Early Access Information, Steam Community, Discord, Twitch, Developer Blog, Patch Notes and Found a Bug.

The single player is divided into three campaigns: Prologue: Exodus, Captain Olivia De Roza and Warchief Hollythorn. With each campaign consisting of several chapters, you will play as the humans and goblins against each other, depending on your current campaign.

You start on the left-hand side of the screen; there’s a passage covered in snow before you, with mountains on either side. In the distance you can barely make much out as the region is covered in a Fog of War.  As you make your way through the map it will reveal more details. To move, you need to click and drag your unit onto an available hex space (indicated in blue). The number of hexes a unit can move will depend on the unit and the terrain. Once you have completed your move or action, clicking on End Turn and confirming your actions will end the planning stage.

To help you understand the game there are some popup windows which act as a tutorial and help explain how things work. There are also popups for completed objectives and any new objectives you may uncover as you progress through the map. Moving forward will remove part of the Fog of War and could reveal an enemy. Fog of War will also disappear from areas where you take control of towers etcetera. If both your unit and an enemy’s unit move onto the same hex, then a Clash will occur. When this happens, each unit will subtract their Attack from each other's health points. If a unit's health reaches zero, then that unit is defeated.

If you happen to be on a hex adjacent to an enemy, you can select Assault from your unit's commands, found in the bottom left corner and indicated as a sword. Once selected, the sword icon will appear over your unit’s icon on the map. Selecting the adjacent enemy and ending the turn will then allow them to attack safely. You will come across new units that will give you melee, ranged and magic attacks, and allow you to heal the units that require some loving.

Your units also have various skills; for example, Farmers and Peons can rebuild and upgrade Settlements, Towns, Barracks, Towers and Farms. Rebuilding these will allow you to add resources which you can then use to upgrade further, or to add Unit Cards. You will gain Unit Cards at the start of each turn once you have control of a building. While a unit is at a barrack, tower, town or farm they can heal several health points per turn. You can also ransack any of the fields you come across if you’re in need of replenishing your health.

If you have the resources to play a unit card, you can drag it from the bottom right corner to an adjacent hex to either your hero, town or towers. This will then add the recruit to the map on your next turn. You may also drag a unit card onto a unit already on the map, this will upgrade that unit to Elite. Power cards will add some extra oomph to their attacks. You can only have one action per turn for each of your units, so the question is . . . do you attack, move out of the way, or try and capture that empty tower over yonder?

To win you must complete all the main objectives.  There are also optional objectives you can complete. Your current objectives are displayed in the top left-hand corner. The objectives could be that you must defeat someone, take control of several buildings, or make sure someone doesn’t die, etcetera. Upon completing a map you’ll be shown your results to see how good or bad you’ve done. The results consist of Turns Taken, Total Gold, Enemies Killed, Units Summoned, Total Mana and Structures Owned.

There is some customisation to the Unit and Power cards when it comes to Skirmish and Multiplayer. There are several factions that you can chose from, so I’m sure there'll be plenty ways to play for everyone.

In the options there’s settings for Appearance (Show Achievement Notifications, Enable V-Sync and Change Resolution), Audio (Sound and Music Sliders), Edit Hotkeys, Achievements and Credits.

I have only played the campaign, but I have enjoyed the game thus far.

The game looks nice and plays very well and I look forward to seeing more about Lore, Encyclopedia and Editor sometime in the future. Worth giving the game a bash!


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+ Very enjoyable game
+ Multiple game modes
+ Nice graphics, music and sounds
+ Has achievements


- No cards currently

Review Summary

Command your units, build up your regiment and try to out-strategise other factions using unit and power cards in this turn-based hex game.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10