Twenty years have passed since the Supervillains won the battle against the Superheroes and took control of King City. A deal was struck between the Secret Government and the Supervillains entity known as the Company. As life has become a little more peaceful in the streets of King City since the peace breakthrough, the powerful Company is providing its members with better food and medical supplies than the rest of the citizens. But recently, they have been scooping those citizens with superpowers off the streets, and none of them have been seen since. An old Superhero, Doctrine, who has been hiding since the treaty, has taken a group of young Supers under his wing to take up the fight against the evil Company. Do you have Superpowers? Then join the Capes Now!

Capes is a superhero turn-based strategy game developed by Spitfire Interactive and published by Daedalic Entertainment on the 30th of May 2024 on the Steam platform. The game is also available on PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Capes has a lengthy solo campaign, as far as I can see after having played 25 missions, including the main story and side missions.  With 28+ hours of game time, I am still on the second act. It is pretty impressive, and I am genuinely enjoying the game.  

You start with two superheroes, Facet and Rebound! As you progress throughout the story, you'll unlock another six supers, each with specific powers. Facet's ultimate power can stop all enemies within close proximity for one turn, while Rebound can go on a frenzied attack and damage all enemies within a particular area. What has become obvious to me since the first mission is the importance of your character’s movements so they can combine their powers each turn to maximise an attack or a defence action. It’s also important to charge each of your character's ultimate powers as often as possible during each mission. Facet will gain a recharge point each time an opponent hits him, while Rebound will charge her ultimate power by stabbing enemies from behind. You can see the various team-up combinations for all the heroes when you are at the hidden base between missions.

For each mission, you can have up to four heroes, whom you can choose before the mission starts or press the recommended tab to nominate heroes for that mission.  Missions have three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Each mission will also have specific objectives to achieve, with skill points attached to each objective. There are three to five objectives per mission, and you'll bank all the skill points of the objectives that you successfully complete. Then you can use these points to upgrade your character's powers and other actions. A few of your Supers have additional abilities to unlock, which you need skill points to acquire. Experience points are also given when you successfully finish a mission and are automatically passed onto the characters you use in that mission. These points also help your character to level up, giving access to upgrade the character's powers and actions. Each character can level up five times. You might not have many issues completing the easy missions, even if you haven’t successfully completed all the objectives. But be ready to replay medium and hard missions several times before you beat the level - they are challenging missions, let me tell you!

In terms of the gameplay, well, it is a typical turn-based tactical strategy, and as mentioned, movements and combining heroes' powers are the key to your success. You have to make sure that your characters are close to each other so they can combine their powers, while at the same time keeping your distance from attacking enemies, as some of your heroes don't have many life points or any defence whatsoever. It can be tricky. Also, it is easy to revive a fallen hero as you usually have only two turns to revive them if fallen. If one of them has fallen three times, it’s game over.

In terms of the design, levels are mostly compact, but some are of average size. In regards to the enemies, as you progress through the game, not only will the enemies keep coming in more waves, but new and more challenging opponents will make their entrance to spice up the difficulty level. I have faced off against two of the main Company bosses, and they were a struggle, especially Alpha, who kept duplicating himself.

The story is fun and cheesy, and I thoroughly enjoy the cartoony illustrations before each mission, which have good voice-overs, too. I also appreciate that the developers have worked on elevating the relationship between heroes. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock cut scenes of conversations between characters, which you can find on the dossier tab at the base.

The graphics, soundtrack and voice-overs are excellent. I experienced a few frame-rate drops here and there, but apart from that, there is nothing significant to report. The game provides a good difficulty progression, and it is challenging and addictive. The game has been translated into ten languages and offers full controller support. But if you’re like me, you might prefer using your mouse and keyboard.

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+ Fantastic graphics and comic-book-style illustrations
+ Lengthy campaign
+ Fun, cheesy story
+ Good voice-overs
+ Eight different heroes and superpowers
+ Good variation of enemies
+ Fun and challenging gameplay
+ Achievements and trading cards


- A few frame rate drops here and there

Review Summary

Capes is an excellent, addictive, lengthy and challenging turn-based strategy game with a cheesy story and epic fights on small and well-designed levels. Capes are my new favourite Superheroes!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10