Battlefield 1


World War I started in 1914 after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  It raged until the fall of 1918, having taken over 17 million lives.

Soldiers, whichever side you fight for (randomized upon launching a game), expect fierce and deadly battles. Remember, it is 1914 and despite our great arsenal make sure every single shot counts! Lads, on my whistle, let’s go over the top . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . Battlefield 1!

Battlefield 1 is an online first person shooter game where you take control of one of six soldier classes on a battlefield with up to sixty-four other players on a server. There is a single player mode too if you want to train yourself before entering the online battles.

I have been a fan of the series for many years. If you have not read my bio on my website, The Cpt FROGGY saw his first light on Battlefield Vietnam, which is quite a while back.  Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Bf2, Battlefield 3 but could not get into Battlefield 4 at all due to the fact that it lost its realism to a degree. To be truly honest with you, I was somehow sceptical about Battlefield 1.   

“WOW,” was my first impression of this game! The graphics are truly spectacular whether you play on foot, on a horse (third person view), in the tank, or piloting one three vintage planes.

The realistic feel is back, especially if you play as a sniper (Scout Class). So we know that the Scout class is more or less categorized as a sniper unit. The support unit has heavy weaponry at its disposal and can drop boxes of ammunition on the battlefield so other units re-supply. Medics are pretty much your good all-rounder soldiers who can revive fallen teammates and drop boxes of medicine. Assaults are armed with rapid fire weapons and explosives. Tank drivers and pilots can respectively repair their vehicles if they are damaged. The fun class is the cavalry; jump on your horse and slash your opponent with your sword as you pass through!  

Plenty of weapons to purchase per class, from primary & side arms to gadgets.  You can also add skins on your weapons and vehicles too. These skins can be earned via battle packs and range from special to legendary.

Battlefield currently has ten maps; you will be playing in Italy, France and the Suez Canal to cite a few locations. Each of these maps are well-designed and everything can be destroyed. I like the weather effects, too; a sand storm can assault North Africa, with a thick fog making enemies hard to see. Just a lot of fun!

If your team is losing considerably then ultimate arsenal will be launched to help your cause. It might me a Zeppelin, dreadnaught or an armour train. This will occur in the conquest mode only.

In the Conquest mode you have to capture the flag and hold it to increase your tickets’ speed to reach 1,000 points in order to win. Domination is another mode which is similar to Conquest but with smaller maps. In Rush, reach the objective as fast as you can, or defend it for as long as you can. The frantic Teamdeath Match mode is a must to play, and for the aspiring pilot, test your skills on the War pigeon mode.   

When a round finishes, your Xp will be added to your progression gauge so you can level up. Each time you actually level up, you will be given some notes (game money) and you use them to unlock new weapons. You might even receive a battle pack for your exploits and heroism on the battlefield!

The game has a couple of issues with some graphics card drivers. For my part, I couldn’t play the game with on the SLI option for a while on two occasions after the game was updated; it was flickering left, right and centre. I was not impressed by that to be honest.


+ Stunning graphics
+ Several game modes
+ Plenty of weapons to purchase
+ Plenty of servers available
+ Battlefield is back with a vengeance


- Driver issues after a game update (SLI option flickering)

Review Summary

Well, there is no doubt; in my opinion Battlefield 1 is one of the best games this franchise has produced!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10