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Rock of Ages

ACE Team
Release Date
Game Modes
  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer
  • About Rock of Ages

    A rock-solid combination of rock-rolling action, deep strategy, and captivating art and music from different ages of history, this is a game of crush or be crushed! Two castles stand opposed; one is yours, the other is your enemy’s. They're a jerk and their castle sucks, so you’re going to try to smash it using an enormous boulder. Even as they build up their defenses, you're ready to roll over them in order to raze that unsightly tower. But beware! There’s a giant boulder headed your way, too. Key Features:•    Brought to you by the insanely creative minds of ACE Team, makers of Zeno Clash!•    Take control of a giant boulder and crush your enemies!•    Use an amazing variety of units to defend your tower and knock your enemy off course.•    Bring your fight to both online and offline multiplayer!•    3 different modes: War, Time Trial, and SkeeBoulder.•    5 rich, historic periods of art and music create a gaming atmosphere unlike any other.•    FREE Original Soundtrack included with the game download.