Grab the Bottle


Wouldn’t it be nice, maybe slightly lazy to a degree, to be born with extendable arms? Well, you could become a superhero, but that’s too cliché in my opinion. No, something far more important! What about the ability to satisfy your thirst at any given time! Need some water, milk or a soda and the fridge is in the other side of the house. No worries mate, there goes my extendable arm to grab the bottle!

Grab the bottle is a casual / puzzle game where you use your stretchable arm throughout levels to reach your main objective, which is to grab a bottle of liquid substance.  

As this game is currently on early access, there are about 20 levels to complete at this stage and they gradually increase in difficulty as you progress through them. For the first couple of stages, you will be in your pram, as are all babies born with this type of ability. The liquid you are looking for at that early stage of life is milk. But before you grab the bottle of milk, you must pick up all your dummies within the level.

The trick is to make sure you are not touching items more than twice; tables, chairs, televisions etc - things that can hurt your hand. If that happens you will restart the level. How do you identify which one of the articles to avoid? If an object is part of the background picture, it will have dots over it and your hand will be safe. However, if the entity is prominent and without dots then make sure to avoid it. Another point that’s important to mention is that your arm will also become an obstacle as it elongates. The only way to make it retract is to pick up the objects emanating a blue light, which, by the way, are part of the puzzle. Examples are tomatoes, cheeses and boxes of nails that can be dropped on other object such as plates or small wooden blocks in order to solve the puzzles. Why, you may ask? That, you will have to figure out for yourself.

I like the artwork and the puzzles can be tricky. Control-wise, I use a gamepad and it is pretty responsive. I look forward to seeing further content.


+ Good artwork
+ Challenging and well-designed puzzles
+ Responsive controls
+ Multiplayer mode to be added in further updates


- No Achievements or trading cards
- Need more content (levels)

Review Summary

This is a solid early access puzzle game. I can’t wait to see more content.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10