Wreckin's Ball Adventure


Ladies and gents, please meet K160. K160 is a small robot shaped as a ball and it needs your help to escape a mysterious lab. Here is your chance to help this cute robot by yourself or if you know another three good Samaritans to jump into Wreckin’ Ball Adventure, three other robots might find their way out as well.

Wrecking’ Ball Adventure is a physic platformer/puzzle game developed by Don’t Bite Devs and published by No Gravity Games on the 2nd of August 2019 on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

You can play this game single player or local co-op up to four players. The game has three modes of play which are the campaign, playground and endless modes. The playground mode is designed to give players plenty of time to accommodate themselves how to use your robot and get a feel how the levels works. The Campaign mode and the endless mode can be played solo or with up to four players on a local co-op.

The campaign mode consists of 60 levels and your goal is to collect all blue spheres and red stars as fast as possible. If you do so, you’ll be rewarded with four golden stars.

This is no time limit to clear a level as you will need to explore each of the level to find where all the sphere and stars are located. K160 (your robot) will only be able to move left and right, jump and use a hook to reach platform above and below him. But in the first few levels it will be all about speed, jump and timing to reach the spheres above you. As you progress, you’ll receive a hook which you can use onto walls and ceilings as long as they don’t have a red line around them. If they have, you’ll won’t be able to deploy the hook on them. If they have no colour outline or an orange, a blue colour around the outside, you’ll be able to launch your hook and start swinging from right to left (or vice versa) and even do a full 360 to gain full speed to project k160 somewhere within the level. You can also use this tactic to break down walls to. But that will be only possible on the walls and ceiling s that have a visible crack on them. 

I really like how the levels are designed, not only you have obstacles to avoid such as laser beams, flamethrowers thingy and larva pits but you’ll have to use plenty of skill to reach spheres and red stars in very difficult places. You’ll also have platforms reach. As I mentioned above, you’ll not be able to use the hook on the platforms with the red outline around them, but you’ll be able to stand on them.  The bumpy platforms with blue outline around them are like trampolines while other might disappear under you if you stay to long on them. But that’s not all! You also have to activate switches by staying on them for a few seconds. These switches will open doors to access spheres and red stars and other the move your through the next phase of the stage. Some switches will automatically open a door while others will a time limit attach to them. And others, well you’ll need to play on the co-op mode to open specific doors as you have to have one robot on them to get the door open while the other robots access the new room.

There is a save point right in the middle of each of the levels, but you also have an additional three intermediate saving points that you can activate at any given times within each of the levels in the solo campaign. So, if you died, you restart on your last save point.  In some occasion, you’ll be stuck and the only way to unstuck yourself is self-destruction. But if you already reached the save point or activate one of your own, you’ll start from there instead from the beginning of the level.


+ Great graphics
+ Three modes of play
+ Solo and co-op gameplay
+ 60 levels
+ Easy to learn and hard to master.


- Can be a bit frustrating at times
- No Achievements or trading cards as yet

Review Summary

Free K160, a small sphere robot out of a mysterious lab. A fun physic platformer game to be enjoyed solo or with up to 4 players on local co-op!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10