Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town


Willy Morgan and the curse of Bone town is an interesting take on the Point and Click/Adventure game genre, based around a fantasy pirate-world theme, with generic point and click gameplay.

The story starts at Willy Morgan’s house; it’s been 10 years since Willy’s father, the famous archeologist, Henry Morgan, disappeared.

One day the postman drops by to deliver a letter; Willy seems surprised to find a letter mailed to him. It’s from his father, Henry, and the letter was posted the very day he disappeared.

The letter states-

‘’If you receive this letter, it means that means something went wrong

And it’s up to you to finish what I started. Go as fast you can

to Bone town, room 09, but don’t trust anyone..’’

Finding this 10-year-old letter, Willy is eager to know what happened to his father and what he wanted Willy to finish, so he collects all he needs for his journey to Bone town and sets off on his trusty bike.

Upon reaching Bone Town, he findings the inn where his father last stayed. Willy goes in and is greeted by a suspicious-behaving character; the manager of Dead Man’s Inn.

Although Willy could afford a room at the Inn for one night, he wasn’t allowed to get room number 09. Willy was given room number 10 instead.

Throughout the game, Willy has to have a keen eye for clues and hits.  He manages to distract the Inn manager with a spill and gains access to room number 09.

Upon inspection, Willy finds some clues about where to look next.

The gameplay of Willy Morgan and the curse of the Bone Town is nothing special and provides a familiar experience of traditional point and click style gameplay.

What the game really brings to the table is its unique story and voice acting.

The unique story brings a great flavor to the game with its interesting plot and timeline in a fantasy pirate-themed world.

The voice acting for the main protagonist, Willy Morgan, was for the most part a great touch, until it became repetitive and lost my interest.

Dialogues, although limited, were just about enough for interacting with the NPC’s. All the dialogues in-game were short and on point in each respective scenario.

The gameplay brings a familiar experience of traditional point and click style. For the most part, the gameplay was smooth sailing, with some minor hiccups. The gameplay puts a lot of unnecessary steps to the puzzle-solving aspect of the game.

Puzzles, for the most part, were easy and took a few seconds to solve.  Gathering items to solve the puzzles was generally simple and fast, although in a few cases, it did take some time looking around the world and felt like an unnecessary grind.

By far the biggest downside of the game would be its manual save; I didn’t realize there was no checkpoint save and lost 30 minutes of gameplay progress.


Review written by BiteMexD for Zeepond.com!


+ Decent Story
+ Solid gameplay
+ Decent sound effects
+ Decent voice acting
+ Short yet adequate dialogue options
+ Beautiful 2.5D art style
+ Simple yet fun puzzles


- Unnecessary steps added to the puzzles
- At times gathering items felt like an unnecessary grind
- Dialogues and voice acting started to feel repetitive after a while
- No checkpoint save, Manual save only

Review Summary

A unique story set in a pirate-themed world, Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town is an enjoyable point and click adventure.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10