We Need To Go Deeper


Selecting the Play button on the main menu screen will take you to another screen where you can choose Host, Join, Customisation, Catalog (Voyager’s) and Relics.

Customisation is where you can customise your character’s look and what they wear. You will be able to change the Gender, Skin, Hat, Hair, Facial Hair, Nose and Attire. You can also name your character and choose a Pet, or you can hit the Randomise button and take what you’re given. You can buy new clothes and hats from the Voyager’s Catalog for gold you’ve collected while on your adventures into the deep.

At the Voyager’s Catalog you’ll be able to spend some of the gold you’ve collected on items such as outfits, weapons, hats and other items. These items may help you in the deeps or just make you look a prat in an outfit as you run around the submarine. You can, if you wish, run around in your underwear; The Cpt Froggy was running about in his Y-Fronts and let me tell you now, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I was so happy when my eyes were saved as our submarine blew up.

Relics is where you’ll be able to go and see amazing and mysterious relics of the deep which can be found in the pits of The Living Infinite!

To play a game you can either Join or Host a game.  Selecting to join a game will give you the option of Lan or Online games. Choosing to play Online will then display a list of lobbies currently online. These lobbies each display the Name of the lobby, Vessel type, number of Players, Ping, Password Protected and Open Lobbies.

Hosting a game will allow you to choose one of the three Vessels currently on offer to you. You can set the lobby options to customise your lobby game. The options you can use are Allow Midgame Joining and Players Replace Bots. You can Enable Custom Game, but this will disable Leaderboards and Unlocks. This is because you can change the game settings for Fuel Consumption Rate, Starting Torpedoes, Safe Dynamite, Starting Health, Starting Hull Integrity and Start with Backpacks. Setting a password can allow you and your friends to play without any random folks joining your games if you so wish. If you want to play on your own (good luck with that) then you can add some bots to help on your adventure.

Once a game begins to load, you’ll have the option to choose an item from your Loadout. To begin with you only have a Wrench to choose from; you can buy more with gold from the Voyager’s Catalog. The wrench you start with is good for plugging up the holes in your submarine and it can also be used as a melee weapon. So far, I’ve only bought a sword, which has come in very handy at times.

As the game starts you find yourself inside a submarine, the layout of which will be slightly different depending on which submarine you (or a host) have chosen. However, in each of the submarines is the Control Room, Navigation Panel, Torpedo Room, Bed and Exit hatch. The Control Room is where you give power to the other parts of the submarine. Here there is Lights, Shield, Turbine, Weapons and EMP.

Each of these five categories requires power, which is indicated by valve bulbs (power units) above each of the icons on the control panel. Lights which power the outside lights for when you reach the dark depths require one unit of power. The Shield can use up to three power units.  Having all three units filled will give you more protection against the creatures of the deep. However, as there are only four power units available to you, using three of the four up on Shields leaves you a little short in other areas.

The Turbine can also use up to three power units for varying speeds; one unit will give you a steady speed, two units will increase this speed and using three will greatly increase your speed. The Weapons panel can use up to two power units for the weapons systems on your submarine. The EMP requires all four power units before it can be used, which means that everything else will have no power to it until everything resets after the EMP has been activated.

Without power none of these will operate, so you’re going to have to decide what gets what. Is it more important to have greater speed over no weapons? Is having weapons and no shields a wise choice in your current situation? It’s all down to you can your crew and it will depend on your current situation. So, no one way is correct; adapting to what is happening is going to be crucial if you want to survive in the depths with the creatures down there.

The Navigation Panel can require power to the Turbine in the Control Room for you to navigate the submarine and make your way down under the waves. To navigate the sub, you will have to change to the exterior view which will allow you to guide your sub through the depths and creatures. However, this will leave you vulnerable to what is going off in the submarine. When the submarine is under attack, holes in the hull can appear, flooding the submarine. Various creatures and dead pirates can board the sub, causing damage to the sub and to you. Creature poop, if not cleared up quickly, can cause you to become sick and diseased.

The health for your character is in the top left corner as a heart; if this reaches zero then you’ll die. There’s also a Bed in the submarine which will heal you back to full health. The health of your submarine is in the top right corner. The Exit allows you to exit the submarine and explore the cave systems, sunken ships and other places.

As you make your way down into The Living Infinite, you’ll come across caves, sunken ships, and lost civilisations. You can exit your sub and enter these places where you can find hidden loot and items which can be helpful. There’s also plenty of danger to look out for, like huge crabs and dead pirates and fish, all looking to end you. If you die you can be brought back to life; this will take a small amount of time so you might want to wait until you can do it safely. If all your crew dies, then your adventure is over. Then you’ll receive experience points and maybe some items, depending on how well you did.

Working together with the rest of your crew, you’ll try and get as deep as you possibly can. The depths are divided into levels and after making your way to the end of one level you’ll encounter a boss creature. If you defeat this creature an exit will appear for your sub to make its way through. Reaching the boss isn’t as simple as it may sound, though, as you’ll have to deal with multiple sea creatures attacking you as you make your way deeper and deeper.

In the Options you’ll find settings for Video (Resolution @ Hz, Full Screen, Quality, Disable Text Chat and Enable Help Tips), Audio (Disable Voice, Master, Music and Sound volume sliders), Technical (Disable Automatic Port Forwarding – UPNP, Enable Legacy UI and Censor Swearing).

Control Options for Keyboard and Gamepad (Remap key and buttons to your preferred liking). Extras (Special Access Codes you may come across) can be found along with the Options on the main menu screen.

We Need To Go Deeper is a great game to play with multiple friends or even randoms. It can be quite challenging if there are only a couple of you playing. It’s still good fun to play but you may not get as far as with three or four players. Good communication and working together as one, along with a bit of luck, just may get you to the furthest depths of The Living Infinite. Certainly worth giving a bash; THUMBS UP!


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for Zeepond.com!


+ Great multiplayer fun
+ Challenging
+ Good graphics
+ Has achievements
+ Has cards


- The Cpt Froggy in Y-Fronts xD

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Work together with your crew to maintain and run a submarine as you explore the depths of The Living Infinite

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10