Wave of Time


You had fun and loveable memories of your Aunt Miranda. After all, she looked after you every summer when you were a child, at her beautiful mansion located in the Alps.  Then the strangest thing started happening . . . . your aunt’s image on every photo you had of her started to disappear.  When you’d talk to people about her, they’d look perplexed, and always answer the same way. . .  You don’t have an aunt! So, you took the matter into your own hands and decided to travel back with your friend Mike to your aunt’s place in the Alps in an attempt to solve this strange mystery. There you discovered a mechanical glove that opens a portal through time. Will this apparatus help you discover why your Aunt seems to have disappeared from history? Let’s find out, in Wave of Time.

Wave of Time is a casual hidden objects adventure game developed by Itera Laboratories and Published by HH-Games on the 16 of September 2020 on the Steam platform.

The game has three levels of difficulty - Easy, Normal and Difficult - each one related to the speed with which the hint button regenerates after each time you use it when you find yourself stuck somewhere. In the Easy difficulty, the hint button will renew itself instantly, whereas it will take a certain amount of time to regenerate if you play on the highest difficulty.

After selecting your difficulty and viewing a short introduction, you are right there with your friend, Mike, at your aunt’s doorstep.

You’ll be visiting four destinations, including the Alps. The other three will either send you back in time or into the future. Each destination has between two and eight locations, where you have to move back and forth to find items to resolve small puzzles. You’ll also have several hidden objects scenes, which are really fun to play.  Additionally, there are 12 mini-games to play throughout this game. Most are really straightforward, but a few will make your grey matter work a bit, which is always welcoming. What I also appreciate is the fact that these mini-games are well placed within the story, creating a bit of freshness throughout the game.  

It will take you around four to four and a half hours to finish the game, which is not bad at all for a hidden objects game.  As you would expect, point and click is the main mechanism in such a game and I found it really responsive each time.  Having said that, you will find yourself hovering over most of the images to find the next item, with the exception of the main hidden objects scenes and mini-games.

Nice and colourful graphics. The story is fun and there is voice narration all the way through. I did experience a crash during my gameplay, which occurred when I reloaded my saved game. Apart from that, the game worked well.


Review written by THE CPT FROGGY for Zeepond.com


+ Nice, colourful graphics
+ Three levels of difficulty
+ Fun story which is voice narrated all the way through
+ Nice combinations of Hidden object scenes and mini-games


- Experienced a crash after reloading a game
- No achievements or trading cards at this stage

Review Summary

It will take you from the present to the past and the future to solve the mystery of your aunt Miranda in Wave of Time!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10