Warlocks 2: God Slayers


Welcome to the humorous yet challenging world of Warlocks 2: God Slayers, a difficult 2D action pixel game with RPG elements and an old school flavor. With three play styles available - single-player, online co-op and local co-op - the variety of play gives the title many ways to enjoy it. The journey is filled with expansive levels to explore for treasure, as well as the glory of battle. There will be many powerful enemies to overcome in your struggle for dominance over the Gods. Survive the many engagements in each level, each with an abundance of the Gods’ minions that you must face before you confront the mighty and vile bosses. The 5 characters, each with individual skill trees and gear sets to upgrade, will give many hours of entertainment. Bring your "A" game for this brutal adventure you're about to partake in as you explore the vast atmospheres of the world. All you old school arcade players will love the feel and gameplay!

Released on July 18, 2019, by the developer Frozen District and published by No Gravity Games it is tagged as Action, RPG, 2D, Pixel Graphic, Online Co-op; I have added Difficult, Local Co-op, Platformer as well. It features three torturous universes to conquer, and from which to vanquish the Gods, each with unique landscapes and distinctive enemies to defeat. It has attractive pixel graphics with hand-drawn animations set in a comical atmosphere. A pleasant soundtrack compliments the worlds’ graphical design. There is a multitude of characters to meet along the way, from whom you will receive quests and trade. Over 40 diverse enemy types as well as challenging bosses to defeat. A myriad of items to collect to upgrade your characters’ armors, weapons and stats. An XP system utilizing an unlockable skill tree for all characters, as well as pets to join you in your travels that are also evolvable.

A fun and challenging game, it is quite difficult at times and death will visit often. I divided my playtime between single-player and co-op with my son, I had a harder time alone than when we played together. I do prefer co-op gaming over single-player for most indie titles when available, as we are a large family unit of gamers who love gaming together. I did that find the controls were not as responsive as I’d like for a modern game. But, as a gamer who grew up in the arcades since the very birth of video games, the retro style they are shooting for make the controls feel normal as I let my mind drift back to the glory days of the old school games like it. More fluid control would have been nice, but I will not hold it against the title as I found it rather fitting. I would not recommend it if you are just looking for a casual play, unless you really like getting repeatedly slayed (lol). With the many hours of play time you get from the title and endless re-playability with multi-player, it is a good investment for one’s library.

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+ Fun Challenging Gameplay
+ Intriguing Old-School Feel
+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam Trading Cards


- No Complaints

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Warlocks 2: God Slayers: A Fun Challenging Pixel Platformer! Are You Ready for a Devastating Battle Against the Gods?

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10