Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide


The empire fought bravely but there is no doubt mankind is on its last legs. An ancient, powerful and destructive enemy is rising again from deep underground. Half rat and half men, better known as the Skaven, will run at you as one massive wave over and over again!  Only five incredible people, no . . . heroes, are standing up to confront these packs of deadly vermin. Is it truly the end of time or is it possible to change the tide? Only YOU can find out the answer to this question by entering the fantasy world of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide!

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is an Action/First Person Shooter/Online Co-Op game where you take control of one of five characters; each has its own weapons and abilities to face the Skaven onslaught.    

The action is taking place in the city of Ubersreik and its surroundings. Your first stop, like all good heroes, will be at a tavern. In this case, it will be the Red Moon Inn. Here, several options will be available to you. First, you can see the inventory of all your heroes which is located in the big chest near the table. You can change the melee and the range of weapons your character will be using in his/her next mission as well as his/her trinket or hat. At the forge, you can update or create new weapons or salvage material from weapons you collected.  At the Shrine of Solace, you can create your own trinket, but make sure you have enough stones (plentiful, common, rare or even exotic) to do so.  And of course the last one is the mission selection. In the original title, you have 13 missions available and they’re divided into three acts.

You can decide in which difficulty you want to play a mission. If it is the first time you have played this type of game, I strongly recommend that you start on the easy or normal level, especially if you’re playing your first couple of game with bots (AI is controlling the other three characters).  You have to win a mission on the difficulty you set to unlock the next difficulty. There are five in total, the two I mentioned above as well as hard, nightmare and cataclysm. For these last three, you need join a party of players to be able to win. Far too hard with the AI.

The gameplay is just incredible, no matter which character you play, and the fluidity of the animations is just marvellous! The missions vary from collecting items (barrels or supplies), to destroying specific landmarks, surviving and of course escaping in order to win it. Within the levels, you will find chests, sacks and boxes of ammunition. Chests have great goodies: health potions or kits, strength and fast potions. They might also contain special die or tomes; they will give you additional experience points at the end of the mission if you recover one or all of them.  

Of the nine types of rat-men to fight against, four of them are soldiers. The Stormvermin unit will be the hardest of them to kill. The Ratling Gunner and the Poison Wind Globadier are a range units and can inflict severe damage to your character. The Pack Master is will grab you by the neck with a pole which has a round steel loop at the end; you will dying by suffocation. The Assassin will jump on you and stub you until you cark it!  The last one is the Rat Ogre, a massive and terrifying rat. Be at the end of his slap and you will lose a lot of your health! Just fun enemies!

Absolutely stunning graphically, with a great frame rate on 2560 X 1440 resolution, over 120 fps with SLI.  Some humour as well when one of your cop-players falls. The levels are well designed and it is easy to find or host an online game. A few DLC’s are available for the game at a good price. 


+ Splendid graphics
+ Well-designed levels
+ Fun and challenging to play
+ Easy to find or create a game online
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Your character can’t sprint

Review Summary

One of the best Online Co-Ops I have had the pleasure to play!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10