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My introduction of the American Civil War came quite early in my early years, but it wasn’t through school history classes at all. One of my greatest passions as a tadpole, apart for gaming (of course), was to swim by the comic book shop located in the shopping complex right next to our family lily pad. There, I discovered some fantastic comics, including my favourites, “Les Tuniques Bleues” and “The Bluecoats” in English! Not only are these stories (64 albums) entertaining and really funny, but they also include real events/facts that occurred in the American Civil War. You truly never know when and how you’re going to be interested in historical events. That was my story! So, when the opportunity came up to see what it would have been like to be a soldier during this American conflict, I didn’t hesitate and jumped straight into War of Rights!

War of Rights is a tactical first-person shooter online game based on the American Civil War, developed and published by Campfire Games. This title is currently on early access and available on Steam.

As you reach the main menu, you’ll be able to click on the options button to reconfigure settings to your liking, which also includes key bindings, resolution and more, or jump straight onto the battlefield. At this stage, there are two game modes, which are Drill Camp and Skirmish. Most of the servers are best in the USA, a few in Europe and one Down Under. However, most players are based in America, and therefore you are most likely going to end up on a US server. Some of the servers will have up 150 players on the battlefield, which is interesting I must say.

After choosing whether to fight for the CSA or USA, you’ll have to pick up your regiment (two available each side) and whether you’ll be fighting as a Private, an NCO (Caporal, Sergeant) or an Officer before reaching the battleground.  All Privates are armed with a musket and bayonet while NCO’s and Officers have colts and swords. The lucky one and the most courageous unit is the Flagbearer, as he will have . . . nothing, apart from the flag. However, the Flagbearer plays an extremely important role in the game. After being shot or impaled by your enemies, you can be redeployed straight into your regiment wherever they are on the map and in battle, if the Flagbearer still stands. Otherwise, you’ll be redeployed to the main camp and you’ll have to sprint back to your regiment.  

There are more than 30 maps to play in, which is impressive for an early access game. The goal in each battle is to acquire a specific point within the battlefield, which is usually marked in the centre of the map at the start of each game, as well as each time you are being redeployed. Get as many soldiers as possible close to that point; conquer it and you win the game. However, it’s not going to that simple.    

First, if you are a newcomer in War of Rights, I strongly recommend playing as a private for a while. Most of the full servers will have veteran players on them who know the maps well. Also, they will communicate with each other through microphones. If you don’t have one, don’t worry - you can still communicate with everyone through the main chat box.

From here it’s literally all about the line of fire or charging into enemy lines. One important point I forgot to mention above is that it will take you up to 15 seconds to reload your musket from start to finish. Make sure to position yourself on the white line that your officer marks on an area, and listen to his comments. If all soldiers discharge their weapon all at once, it will create a volley of bullets and most likely make your enemies retreat as their casualties will increase. Then its time to charge at them with a bayonet at the end of the musket or with your sword.

I really like the shooting mechanism as you have an unsteady aim with your musket. It’s slightly better with the colts, in my opinion. It’s a lot of fun!

I really enjoy the weather dynamic system, and the maps are well-designed with plenty of details.

You can see the roadmap from the developer on the War of Rights Steam store page, as well as on their website. I can’t wait to be able to play as cavalry, artillery unit or a general. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, will become a truly epic experience, without a doubt. There is still a long way to go but I am going to keep a close eye on War of Rights, as I am very impressed so far.

Graphically the game looks great, and the community is fun and friendly regardless of whether you play the North or the South.  The main issue I have is so far, apart from some bugs here and there, is that most players are based in America and therefore the server lags a bit, especially with 150 players on it if, you are not from there. I was expecting that, to be honest. The other thing I would like to see is the KDR statistics, which are not available now.


+ Great graphics
+ Over 30 maps
+ Fun and friendly community
+ Historical environments, uniforms and weapons well respected
+ Great tactical FPS multiplayer game
+ Trading cards


- No achievements
- No KDR statistics

Review Summary

Experience the American Civil War like never before with War of Rights! An evolving Tactical FPS online game to keep a close eye on!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10