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You begin in the town of Hanga Roa on Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There’s a sudden downpour, which is a blessing after the stifling heat of the day. The island is famous for the giant Moai sculptures that adorn the island and watch the tourists running for cover to get out of the rain. The tourists take cover in the local bar, all talking in different accents as you try to guess where they are from.

From this point onwards you’ll have choices to make as you progress; the first choice is either “I listened...” or “I watched...”. You come to the conclusion that the tourists are all European and that they are excited about being on an island over two thousand miles from the nearest continent. Wondering who they all are, you try to understand what makes them tick. You pick one of the people out from the crowd and imagine them as the protagonist in your imagined stories.

One of them grabs your attention; a woman named Martine. Smiling all the time, she is sitting down with a beer and snacks, looking curiously around the bar. She meets up with some others: Adilia, Henry and Henriette and Tomek. They get along great together, talking, telling jokes, and getting to know each other as the sun sets. After a few beers, Martine says to the others, “What are your stories?” but as it’s getting late, the group decides to postpone the storytelling for now and to spend the next few days together on the island.

This ends this chapter of the game.  The next chapter is for you to decide; who’s story will you choose to listen to? You currently have three travel stories to choose from: Martine’s, Tomek’s and Adilia’s.  Each of the stories takes place in a different part of the world, from Europe to Thailand, Africa to Antarctica. More stories will become available as you complete each one. The stories all differ in length, ranging from an hour to five hours or so.

As each story plays out, there’s text and choices on the left of the screen while on the right is a map or globe showing your current position and detailing your travel route. At other times there are some fantastic photographs. On the right side of the screen there are occasionally other choices to make, and on the top right is your Stress and Fatigue levels, Time and Date, along with any Cash you may have. Your stress and fatigue levels will rise and fall as you travel and make your choices.  

In the options you’ll find settings for Ambient Sounds and Music Volume Sliders, Mute Sound On/Off, Text and Paragraph Delay Sliders. Resolution, Windowed Mode On/Off, Show Changes of Emotional State On/Off, Show Costs On/Off and Enable Analytics On/Off.


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+ Good stories
+ Multiple characters and stories
+ Awesome scenery
+ Has achievements


- No cards currently

Review Summary

Wanderlust: Travel Stories is a collection of characters telling their stories of travelling around the world.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10