Vampire & Monsters Hidden Objects


What type of stories do you prefer between Vampires and Monsters? Maybe you’re a daredevil and like both. If you enjoy the Hidden Objects genre of game also, well, you’ll probably like Vampire & Monsters Hidden Objects.

Vampire and Monsters Hidden Objects is a casual / hidden objects game developed and published by
Crisp App Studio and available for purchase on the Steam platform from 24th May 2019.   

This game is composed of two mini stories; one where you dare to defy a Vampire and the other where you find clues to who has stolen a special amulet which holds power and wisdom on the last full moon.

You can choose which of these two mini stories you want to play first. The vampire has 27 levels and the monsters story has 18 levels to clear. In both of these games, you’ll have the usual type of mixed gameplay, finding hidden objects within a 360 degree picture, collecting a certain number of the same object, spotting the differences between two images on your screen and rotating squares or spheres to display the correct image. I must say that I was a bit surprised when playing the Vampire game; I did find all the written objects, but I needed to find another one which was a key to open a door. So be warned, read what’s on your screen, especially if you are motivated to have your name at the top of the leaderboard. And yes, you’ll still have points deducted from your score if you click on objects that are not requested to be found in the level.    

Another point I like about this developer is that in some of the stages the hidden objects will be semi-randomized, which gives the game more replay-ability. There are also in-game rewards.  A large score will be rewarded by three stars; restart a level, find a specific object and clear the stage within two minutes (the countdown starts as soon as a stage appears, I might add).

In this title, Crisp App Studio have done a good job embedding objects to be found within the scenery, which has improved since their previous few titles.

The graphics are nice, and the soundtrack is pretty good too. You even hear a freakish laugh every so often - nice little touch! Still, I think the game is a bit short even with the replay-ability achievement features – about two to three hours to get through it, give or take.


+ Nice graphics
+ 2 mini stories
+ 45 levels in total
+ Achievements


- No trading card as yet
- A bit short

Review Summary

Pick up a magnifying glass and find all hidden objects in Vampire and Monsters Hidden Objects!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10