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Welcome to the wondrous world of Uurnog: Uurnlimited, a game that is even more bizarre than its name! In this unpredictable kooky place, you will be exploring a large interconnected maze of levels; some doors will be locked and will require finding their keys to navigate further. You are there to collect a sample of all the animals in the world (exactly why a googly-eyed meat bag wants them remains to be seen). You will be using many items to help you along your way; from multi-colored blocks & birds that each have different effects in their usage, to bombs and guns, in order to solve the puzzles that await you. Some items may be purchased in town at one of the stores using gems you collect as currency. Along the way, there are many dangers that will try to put an end to your journey. If your journey does end, then you will return to the safe room, losing your money in the process. There are many other zany folks around the different levels whose erratic behavior can be both amusing and deadly. The portals you find in some areas allow you to warp gems and other goods back to the safe room, and you can even use them to fast travel back to it. You will have a companion as well when you so desire, the doggies in the world can be tethered and controlled by you or a friend in co-op mode.

Released on Nov 16, 2017, by the developer Nifflas Games, and released by Raw Fury, this is a 2D, indie, puzzle, platformer that is all about exploration. I would rate it between casual and challenging. It has a myriad of mechanics at play that you will discover along the way - I was quite impressed by the sheer number and fascinating design of them. It is designed like 2D platformers of the past with simple graphics and lots of puzzles and platforming fun. With the full controller support, you can play it your way. Epic boss fights (you may even meet the Uurnog if you survive that long)! Non-linear gameplay, so you are free to roam and progress as you see fit. Algorithmic music that changes the tempo and melody of the music according to many factors in the game world. An interesting addition to the title ;) With local co-op gameplay you can bring a friend along for the journey. Did someone say multiple endings?! There are even whispers of secrets hidden for you to find.

For Settings, there are Resolution, Windowed/Fullscreen, Antialiasing, Bloom, VSync, Controller Rumble & Language. These are accessed when the game starts up, and the game launcher is there as well.

I must say, what an impressive indie game! It is challenging at times, yet still casual. The work & thought that went into the title really shows as you progress. The mechanics driving the title are brilliantly designed. I admit that the vast number of them at play as you progress was a bit intimidating for me at times, trying to remember what everything does (getting old has its drawbacks - lol). The title doesn't really hold your hand much, there are messages scattered about the world that will give you some instructions on how to progress or how to use certain items when they are introduced. It is fairly easy to learn and a lot of fun to master. The multiple-endings and secrets, along with all the fun you will have along the way, gives the title a very good replayability factor.  Add to this the fair price and it makes for a great addition to your library for you platformers out there.

I ran into no bugs or errors of any kind during my gameplay!


Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Innovative Mechanics
+ Multiple Endings
+ Captivating Gameplay
+ Full Controller Support


- No Trading
- No Achievements

Review Summary

A Fascinating Journey into an Imaginative World Full of Quirky People and Animals. A Puzzler with a Remarkable Set of Mechanics & Engaging Gameplay! A Totally Overlooked Gem!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10