US Spy Mission in Russia


Agents for the US State Department are reporting that things in Russia must change. The US Government is extremely worried about the current situation in Russia. The Russian government has been able to turn the tide and has tranformed Russia in to a successful, thriving country; no more corruption, no more officials stealing money from the budget and various ventures, whereas in previous times everyone had their hand in the cookie jar. The healthcare has been transformed into one of the best in the world and puts the Americans into shame. Fair laws being implemented by the Lawmakers, and the Education system is on a par with the best in the world.

But this is not how the Russian government should be perceived by the world; America wants the Russian officials to appear full of corruption and venal practices. As an American Agent, you’re tasked with turning the good people of Russia against their elected officials, to create dissatisfaction, incite riots and push the people into The Revolution of all REVOLUTIONS!

You’re going to have to kickstart this new revolution a limited resource of just $15,000,000 Task Budget. To bring the revolution to fruition you must cause unrest within the Russian people. You do this by playing Event Cards, of which you are dealt five, but will only play three over three turns. Each of the cards will cost you some of your Task Budget; alternatively, you can steal some money to increase your budget and keep funding your revolution.

You will play cards such as Close 50% of Hospitals, Open more Waste-Dumps Instead of Recycling Plants or Steal Money During the Construction of the Zenith Stadium, as long as you have the allotted number of dollars, which will be revealed when you highlight one of the cards. You are not alone in playing a card; the Government will try to counteract your play with their own set of cards. The Government’s cards are at the top of the screen with yours along the bottom. When you play one of your cards it is placed to the centre left of the screen, with the President’s on the right; in between is where the cards are played out in some text.

Each time the cards are played out you’ll lose some money from your task, but more importantly (and hopefully) you’ll cause plenty of unrest in the shape of “Unhappy Citizens”. In the top left corner down is where you’ll find information on the Date, Task Budget, Trust in President, Unhappy Citizens, Protestors and Arrested. The more unhappy, protestors and arrested citizens you can collect, the lower the Trust in the President will fall. If you can get the trust down to zero percent, then your task will be completed and its game over; Victory is yours!

In the settings you’ll find options for Music and Sounds Volume Controls, and then there is a choice of four Languages (English, Russian, German and French).  That’s your lot for options.

The achievements are fairly easy to achieve for those of you who like that sort of thing. It’s a nice, easy game to play, only taking an hour or so to complete, but for a quid it’s cheap as chips.


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+ Easy to play
+ Some fun text
+ It’s cheap
+ Has achievements


- Only about an hour or so long
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Incite the Russian people into starting a revolution against the Russian Government as you corrupt, steal, bribe and cause scandals as a US State Department Spy.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10