Unlucky Seven


(Early Access Review. As an early access release, you may experience bugs, content, interface and optimization changes. If you are not excited to play the title in its current state to help support the title to full release, by reporting bugs and requesting additional content, you may want to wait for further development.)

In a far off universe, a crew of drunken oddballs is headed to an alcoholics anonymous meeting. They decide to abandon the meeting to go to one of the crew member’s father’s luxurious motel to celebrate her birthday. Their ship is in major need of repairs, by some miracle (or their alcoholic stupor) they manage to make it to the motel. They get settled in and prepare for the celebration. What they don't know is that a dark secret hangs over the motel owner, as the special ingredient to the most popular liquor in this universe is meat bags and brains. The servants are all robots that are chained and held prisoner; can they aid you? Or will they turn on you in this bizarre world you’re in. This adventure will have hard choices for you to make, and every action will change how your story plays out. The lives of your crew are at stake; who lives and who dies depends upon your choices.

Released on Aug 30, 2019, by the developer Puzzling Dream, published by Ultimate Games S.A., Art Games Studio S.A., it is tagged as Indie, Early Access, Story Rich, Choices Matter, and I have added Casual, Pixel Graphics as well. It features a well-made pixel art style and unique story line. A choice between voice-acted dubbing or reading with an old school audio cue. I find the non-dubbed audio a bit annoying so I preferred the dubbed audio. Partial controller is supposed to be included, yet my Xbox controller did not function and I needed to use keyboard only to play.

For early access, the title has an interesting plot and a solid visual art style. It does need some work yet on a few areas of the game before the final release is ready. The animations need polishing, character movements can also use some polish as you often have to move back to where you need to be when the game moves you automatically. The English dialogue can use some polish as well; most of it is fine, but some is hard to understand.  There are no manual saves; you have to reach the end of a chapter for auto saves. I did not like this, as I had to quit a couple of times, and on returning I had to restart the entire chapter when I was just a few minutes from the end of the chapters when I quit the game. A manual save capability or save on exit would be a blessing for players. No fast walk or run, many areas you must backtrack to and from to accomplish your present goals. Often the game feels like a walking sim without a fast movement key. Partial controller functionality needs to be addressed as well.

I do like the pixel art for the title, it is very well done. The story is interesting with a lot of humor and gore. It is not a family-friendly game, with lots of F-bombs being dropped. As it’s early access, I can overlook the issues with the title until some patches are released. I am putting my play on hold for now until some of the issues are resolved. I saw many negative reviews for some of the issues. I admit it does need some work; it is early access for this reason. There is a solid enough base for me to give it a positive review, though my scoring will not be high. You should note that resolution settings need to be made in the game launcher before playing, as once in-game the options are not available.

Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Excellent Pixel Art Style.
+ Unusual Story line
+ Steam Achievements
+ Partial Controller Support


- Needs additional polish in multiple areas (listed in review)
- No Steam Cards (as of yet)

Review Summary

Unlucky Seven: In a Drunken Universe, Your Choices Decide the Fate of Everyone on Your Ship. A Truly Bizarre Adventure!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10