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Enter the world of Tribloos 3: Join Trey Our Hero and the gang of tribloos as he tries to save Brainy from their enemy and an army of birds. Manage your tribloos time to collect resources as you build up the tribloos community with more workers to share the work. It is a time and resource management game with a dash of puzzles sprinkled in. Work your way through 101 levels of tribloos fun. Assign your tribloos to work together or separately as you build up your resources to build each level to earn your way to the next level. Build forges, sawmills and other workstations to complete each level. You will play across many different biomes, from land to sea to the sky; battle against time and those evil birds that scare your tribloos back into hiding.

Tribloos 3 is the third release on Steam by developer, BumpkinBrothers, and is self-published.
Released in April 2018, it is a casual, action, indie title. It has beautiful hand-drawn graphics and a 45 minute original soundtrack. It also has 40 achievements (for you achievement hunters out there).  The previous game in the series, Tribloos 2, has a 91% positive review rate, and you can expect this title to be even better than that! This release only has a few reviews currently, and under Steam’s new learning regulations, card drops and achievements will be limited for the time being. It shouldn’t take too long for the discovery period to be over, and everything will work as expected.

Tribloos 3 is a fun, casual time-management game. The puzzles in the game are not overpowering to the gameplay. If you are looking for a good casual title, this one is great! The gameplay is explained at the start of each level by the tribloos discussions, so pay attention to them! If you find you cannot complete a level, just restart and try again. There are not many settings for the game; you can customize the audio portions of the title, and you can choose to go full screen or windowed.  There are no resolution settings; the game will automatically detect your resolution and load. It is also multi-user capable and you can set up personal profiles for other family members to play and not mess up your game saves.

I have had a lot of fun playing Tribloos 3. It is relaxing and not that difficult for the average player to master. As the gameplay is run by mouse clicks only, keyboard usage is not needed. Just click where you want your workers to be and assign how many to use for each task at hand. The hand-drawn artwork is done with great care (it is one of my passions, collecting games with great visual artistry). There are also 21 story-based cutscenes to help tell the Tribloos story. It runs on both PC and Mac operating systems, and has two languages available, English and German. It would be nice if they would continue adding additional languages for the many other people around the world who do not speak or read these two.

Now it is up to you . . . can you save Brainy and bring peace once again to the world of the Tribloos?


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+ Beautifully Hand-Drawn Graphics
+ Steam Trading Cards
+ Steam Achievements
+ Great Priceline


- I have No Complaints :D

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Tribloos 3: A Splendid Casual Time Management Game

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10