Tomato Way 2


In this alternate reality, you will take control of Sgt. Malo; aka Padre(our protagonist) and fight through hoards of veggies gone bad and many other nightmare monsters. The Ogres almost decimated the mammal population when they wiped out the mammals; are veggies next to be eliminated? Padre will Slide, Shoot, Kick and use augmentations to slice and dice like a mince-o-matic salad slicer, through mob after mob, along with unreal boss battles. Leave your enemies in a mass of gibs, and collect any silver dropped to power your augmentations and to hire allies to help you fight.

Released and Self-Published on July 10, 2018, by Developer VladCastillo, it is the 2nd release by the developer on Steam and is the prologue to Tomato Way; the first title of the series. It is a B-Grade Horror, Action, Adventure, Indie title. You will have a Gib Fest turning all that oppose you into gory chunks of flying flesh; it will be a journey some will despise and some will rejoice in.  If you're looking for a AAA game, this title may not be for you. If you love B grade action/horror & crave a game full of dark humor and surreal art, a place where the ludicrous is the norm, then this Indie title may have something for you.

The game has a non-linear layout. There are multiple routes to travel. Combat is mostly hack and slash, using your guns and augmentations; both cost silver to use. And let's not forget a good old-fashioned boot to the face, too. Or run your tomato booty as fast as you can, should you get overrun. As you send the foes you face to their demise, they will drop silver for you to collect. Make sure to gather as much of it as you can along the way, as it is what powers your augmentations.  You can also hire additional characters in the game along the way to help in the fight.

Tomato Way 2 has been an interesting title, to say the least; it is cheesy with dark humor, alhough I do not really consider it to be a horror game. It really is more of a Hack & Slash Adventure than anything else. Combat was not as deep as the game leads one to believe. But it is suitable for what the title has to offer. This title will not be everyone’s cup of tea, some say it’s brilliant some say its trash. I am stuck in between. As I love a good cheesy B-grade game now and then, as long as they are unique and fair priced.

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+ Non Linear
+ Unique Art Style


- No Steam Trading Cards
- No Steam Achievements

Review Summary

Tomato Way 2: When good Veggies go bad; Sgt. Malo answers the call.

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Zeepond Rating: 5/10