Tiny Dangerous Dungeons


Welcome to Tiny Dangerous Dungeons. In this Gameboy-inspired Metroidvania dungeon crawler, you will control a young boy named Timmy on a journey through dungeons full of traps and enemies. You will have to travel back and forth through many areas of the dungeons to locate hidden power-ups for your character, and keys that are required to open the various locked doors. As keys may only be used once, you will need to locate another key when you locate more locked doors. Not only are there hidden power-ups, there are also hidden health upgrades scattered across the play zones.  Find them to increase your total hit points. There are shrines scattered throughout the game world that allow you to save and top up your health, and may be used as often as wanted.

Released and self-published on Mar 1, 2019, by the developer Adventure Islands, it is an indie, action, adventure, dungeon crawler with a retro design. The title was originally a browser game; it has been ported as an extended edition with additional features for the Steam release. These include full controller support, an additional mode (time trial), more hidden upgrades, and new content and tweaks. It has a monochrome graphics style that is well done. As I am very colorblind (Deuteranopes) I often have issues seeing in this type of release without a colorblind mode. But I had no issues seeing in the title for my type of colorblindness. There are a few settings you can modify: delete your progress, music, and sounds on/off, fullscreen on/off, also customizable controller and keyboard settings,

We begin our play on the starting level. A tutorial is built into the game via drawing on the walls in the areas where new mechanics are added to the title. We learn here how to move and jump; these are your only abilities in the beginning. We will parkour around the dungeon avoiding the beasties that inhabit it and avoiding the pitfalls that mean certain death. We come to a locked door, so we return to search for the key in a different area. Along the many rooms we must pass, there are hidden areas where you'll find upgrades that will increase your character’s power and health. What these powers are I will let you discover on your own. We continue searching for keys to open all the doors until we reach the boss level. He is not an easy battle to be won! Can you defeat him and get the treasure of the dungeon?

I found the game to be a very cute and fun platformer. It is rather short, only about 45 mins to complete your first time. But with the included achievements there is a lot of replay-ability to get them all. Achievement hunters will want to note that the achievements can be difficult to acquire.  I am at 50% of the achievements of my first playthrough. I am currently at the boss area (he is a pain in my butt lol).  I got a little frustrated with him and have had to pause for now. Going back and seeking out the last 2 heart upgrades I haven't found, hoping it will give me the edge I need to beat him.


Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Nice Monochrome Graphics
+ Cute Retro Gameplay
+ Fun Platforming
+ Steam Achievements.
+ Full Controller Support


- A Little Short
- No Trading Cards

Review Summary

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons: Help Timmy to Defeat the Dungeon Boss & Escape with the Treasure!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10