The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia


What is absolutely amazing about the human race is that while we are united in sharing life under the influence of one major element – gravity - we somehow manage to impose three of our own influences that divide us as a race. To me, these three common scourges are flags, politics and religion. They are the three main elements that we humans are always fighting against each other for. In terms of religion, scholars are still debating who wrote the first bible! However, there is one thing that really happened in the 90’s in the Vatican; a demonic outbreak ravished the holy state and a former priest, named Bibbia, Ray Bibbia, came to the rescue. You are about to enter the sensational and wordy (including Latin) journey of The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia.

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is a typing/bullet hell game with beautiful pixel artwork, developed by MorbidWare and published by Headup Games.

What an epic game this is! It has been quite some time since I yelled demonic or unconventional swear words at my 4k monitor, let alone learning sentences and typing them while avoiding incoming bullets and other projectiles! Thanks to Ray, I finally realised that I am not so coordinated after all!

The game has 10 bosses to defeat throughout a very funny story, full of dark humour, which is fabulous. The game has two main aspects: the fight sequences and the Ray Bibbia home. At his home, Ray will have access to his Journal, a small gamepedia and an old computer, which he can use to surf the net with the holy browser, Godle! Hilarious, I must say! And yes, all the commands will be activated by typing a specific word as he approaches an object. However, this phase will become available only after each boss fight.

The first boss that Ray will encounter is a vulgar thief in downtown Rome. What you’ll have to do is to write 3 to 5 sentences for the book of exorcist that Ray holds in one hand to activate a spell. In the case of his first opponent, Ray will need to cast three spells to beat him within a time limit. Our favourite priest will have three hearts in hand, and won’t lose any as long as he holds the book firmly. If any of the projectiles hit Ray, the book will be projected somewhere within the room. Ray will flash for a few seconds and will be invisible for that time, but as soon as he stops flashing, he will become vulnerable and any projectile that hits him will take one of his hearts away, and they can’t be replaced. In other words, if Ray is hit three times without his book, it’s game over.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that you’ll have only a few seconds to pick the book up after the initial hit, and if you don’t, Ray will lose all the words you already typed to help him cast that spell. But if you manage to reclaim it before the few seconds run out, nothing will be lost. Ray must spell a word with complete accuracy in order to move to the next one. Otherwise, every typo will take you two letters back. It will also stop your current combo if you are interested in scoring the maximum points within the leader board.

It’s hectic, fun, and it will come down to how well you learn about the bosses and their fire sequences, as well as the sentences. It’s bloody hard to keep an eye on the opponent and the phrases at the same times!

Graphically the game looks great, and I like the soundtrack too. I really like how the game plays and it is extremely addictive. I did encounter a few random crashes during my game play, which is a bit annoying, I must say. Apart from that, it’s a cool game!


+ Great Pixel Artwork
+ Funny Story with plenty of dark humour
+ Extremely addictive, fun and challenging
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Few random crashes
- A bit frustrating at times

Review Summary

You’ll need to move and type fast and help an ex-priest to squash a demonic outbreak in the Vatican!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10