The Spy Who Shot Me


Your evening has been delightful so far. It started with a bang at the roulette table, where you won half a million quid. Then at the bar when you met this astonishing creature, the point of no return was reached, and you had to have her. You used all the tricks in your bag to seduce her and lure her to your exquisite apartment located in Belgrave, one of the poshest London suburbs. As do all real gentleman, you offer her a dance to your favourite song, “One Step Beyond,” and as both sets of lips were getting closer, madness occurs . . . Mother has just summoned you through your pager! (“What . . . mother?” asked the ravishing lady).  Mother is my boss and I am 7, a super British agent and my next mission is . . .  The Spy Who Shot Me!

The Spy Who Shot Me is a 90’s retro first person shooter with fabulous humour, developed and published by Retro Army Limited. In this game, you’ll be playing the remarkable agent 7, who needs to recover three nuclear bombs from the evil organisation, S.C.U.M.

What a fun game this is! But rest assured my fellow spies, you have a mission on your hands, and it will lead you to literally drop into the White House, visit the Caribbean, as well as that place where cuckoo clocks are made - in Swe . . . Switzerland! The last mission will be held in London in the underground!

At the start of each mission, 7 will take a trip to his headquarters in downtown London. There, he will speak to Smithers, who will show him his latest gadgets for use in the field, and he’ll talk to his beloved Mother, who will fill him in on the task ahead.

The gameplay has a couple of varieties; the first is your old-style, fast-paced first-person shooter, and the second is an arcade parkour style of gameplay which will take somewhere within each of the mission. When you start each of the stages, 7 will be armed first with a gun or his fist, and as you go along, he will find a few other weapons, such as a shotgun, submachine guns and magnums. He will also find grenades and drawing knifes. S.C.U.M enemies, which include homing bomb spiders, will come at him at a frantic pace, which is a lot of fun. S.C.U.M Men will attack 7 with tools, guns and machine guns, and he will die a few times here and there.

In each of the levels, seven will have to get access to a door that has the number 7 on it. To unlock the door, he will need to find a large circle with the number 7 hidden somewhere within the segment he is in. As soon as he finds it, this will open the door to the next stage of the level. Each of the stages has one checkpoint, and it is smack bang right in the middle of each mission - thank God for that! You also have to collect mask items which are hidden in each of the stages.

The story is fun, with great humour all way through, that will make you smile and give you plenty of giggles. I also like the voice over; splendid English and Scottish accents! (Mind you, I still don’t know what that Scot was bumbling on about; I think it is part of the replay-ability strategy!)  Just kidding guys!

Great polygon graphics and the soundtrack is also a spoof of the well-known movie character theme. Just brilliant! I found the game a bit short, as I finished it in 3 hours. Truly guys, I wanted to play more agent 7 missions!


+ Fun and old-style polygon graphics
+ Levels are well-designed
+ Fun and fast-paced gameplay
+ Fun voice over
+ Great Soundtrack
+ I love Mother


- No achievements or trading card as yet
- A bit short

Review Summary

Only agent 7 can defy the evil organisation S.C.U.M. An old-school first-person shooter with plenty of humour.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10