The Savior's Gang


Welcome Savior: The world you have tried to save from its sin has turned on you. The Romans crucify you and as you are ascending to the heavens something goes wrong as a terrible storm hits and you are unable to enter the gates of heaven and are trapped in limbo between the worlds. This angers thy father and he unleashes his rage upon the lands; he will end the human race for its transgression. You believe in your followers, as they had shown remorse for their actions and you want to save them, but your father is not listening to you.  You proceed to try and save as many of them as you can get past your father's fire and fury. But without your powers, you are limited in what you can do. All you can do is lead your followers through the treacherous traps that await them.

Released and self-published on Mar 02, 2019 by the developer, Catness Game Studios. It is user tagged as casual, violent, adventure, simulation, indie game. Personally, I would tag it as difficult; it really is not that casual of a play. It can be very punishing indeed as you learn to navigate the paths you must travel. It does feature Full controller support but does not support keyboard and mouse usage. I found this a bit unusual for this era of game engines. Using the controller, you can control the camera angles in the same way as you would a mouse.  I would have used K/M for my play, had it been available to me, as I am not the most proficient at controlling the camera with a controller yet (I have just recently returned to using one in the past few months after many years without). With 17 levels to lead your followers through and 20 plus ways to die, there will be lots of death on your journey. The levels get progressively harder as you conquer levels.

The follow-player camera needs work in various areas where you are traveling through the traps; the game zooms in so you cannot even see where you are going, resulting in the loss of followers, which can get quite frustrating. I raged a couple of times due to it, as it seems to happen in the same areas every time. There has been one patch to address the issue prior to my playing the title, but it still needs additional tweaking. The A.I. needs some adjustments as well, as occasionally they will not follow the path you have chosen and suicide on the wrong path when crossing over spike pits. The developers are looking into this, and will hopefully have it patched soon.

Quite an interesting title - I never suspected that they had messaging and wifi to the heavens. We start out in the first area, there really is no tutorial as you mainly lead your followers through the maze of traps. There will be goblets spread around the levels that when obtained, can increase your follower counts for those that have perished during the journey. There are soul orbs and crystals to collect, which are the currency that is used in the devils market to purchase perks that give you an advantage; with all the devilishly designed traps that lay ahead, you will need every advantage. These include max number of followers at a level start, an increased follower resurrection count when you retrieve a goblet, and speed boost for your followers. I do recommend that you gather as many as possible to upgrade, as the levels are also timed, and without the upgrades you will find yourself running out of time before you can complete some of the more difficult levels. The mechanics really switch up the gameplay as you dig deeper into the title. They are very well-designed levels and mechanics.


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+ Full Controller Support
+ Fair Price Point
+ Challenging Gameplay
+ Steam Achievements


- No Keyboard & Mouse Support
- Needs Some Polish

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The Savior's Gang: Can the Savior Save Mankind from the Wrath of God?

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10