The Room Three


Have you ever travelled by train in countries that offer stunning scenery, from plains to remote lakes to majestic mountains that seems to be impenetrable? And all you have to do is sit, relax, look through the window and have your eyes take in all these special and unforgettable landscapes.  Mind you, there are a few scary moments when travelling by train.  It’s true, some trains are super-fast these days, but what I am referring to is when you enter tunnels; you never know how long they are. Will you see a ghost sitting next to you as your compartment becomes instantly dark?  What if you randomly find yourself teleported and imprisoned in an unfamiliar room outside of the train? What would you do if that happened to you? Well, today is your lucky day . . . you went through a tunnel and came out into the room three!

The Room Three is an Adventure / Puzzle game, developed and published by Fireproof, and was released on Steam on 13th of November 2018. You goal is to retrieve five magical triangles which are securely locked within five different buildings of a small island, owned by a mysterious individual, known as The Craftsman.

The game starts while you are travelling on the train. You’ll be able to check your briefcase and take out an eye-piece, which is located in its hidden section. This eye-piece will be extremely important, as it has several lenses, and can see text and symbols written with ink that is undetectable by the naked eye.

Then the puzzle-solving will start pretty much straight away, and let me tell you, there are a lot of different type of puzzles to figure out! A few will be obvious, but most of them will keep your mind active for quite some time.

The first thing you’ll have to do in each of the five buildings is to start up the regenerator and get electricity through each building. The first four are very similar, while the fifth one is quite different. When you have done that, a door will appear, and you’ll enter a room within that building where one of these triangles is securely locked. It took me around 6 hours to finish my first playthrough, as I was stuck in several rooms for quite a while. The good news is that on your first gameplay, you’ll have a question mark on the left corner of your screen which will give you hints as to what to do next, such as what to look for or where to go. However, when you press the hint button, it will take a minute or so to regenerate, or it will make a noise and blink if you seem to be on the same puzzle for a while. Remember to use your eye-piece in each of the rooms, as you will find interesting hints to resolve some of the puzzle. The eye-piece will also give you access to miniature doors, for example, so you can dive into them and be greeted with, yes – you’re right, another puzzle! You’ll also find scrolls around the room, which were left by the craftsman, and they will give you more information about the story.

What I am absolutely amazed about with this game is how detailed the rooms are that you’ll be visiting, and how splendid the graphics are. For me, it was a wow factor each time I entered a new room! On top of that, the atmosphere is just superb. In terms of the gameplay, you’ll be using your mouse all the way through. It’s an easy point and click, or you move levers by keeping the pressure on your mouse button. The point I like is that the game features another three different endings, but this time around, you won’t have the hint button available to you, as you did in your prior playthrough. This gives The Room Three great re-playability.

I didn’t play the first game of this trilogy.  I really enjoyed the Room Two, but I am totally blown away with this sequel! In terms of pricing, it’s a bargain, and it deserves every cent they ask for - just brilliant!


+ Great Graphics
+ Lots of different types of puzzles
+ Well-designed levels
+ Multiple endings
+ Achievements and trading cards


- I can’t see any!

Review Summary

An amazing, well-polished and beautifully designed game, from start to finish. Just WOW!

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Zeepond Rating: 10/10