The Mind of Marlo


Welcome to The Mind of Marlo. In this narrative-driven, point and click adventure disguised as an hour-long documentary, you will observe Marlo Davenport and you will become Marlo Davenport. Capture his life as he deals with a rare condition called Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome. A condition that results in his transforming into various creatures uncontrollably. While living a fairly normal life, his condition becomes uncontrollable. After his girlfriend leaves him, Marlo decides to go see Dr. Davenport (The Specialist) to see if he can rid himself of this affliction. Using his recommendations you must help Marlo find a way to get rid of all of his transformations one by one, so he may once again return to the outside world and lead a normal life. The film crew is there to document everything as he tries to reclaim himself and his life in this tale of love, loss, and transformations.

The Mind of Marlo is the first of 2 titles Released on Oct 19, 2017. on Steam by developer Point Bleep Studios. The game is a Short, Comical, Point & Click, Adventure, Indie Title. It has a unique game style for the genre, being disguised as a documentary film.  With its absurd British humor, that will draw a few giggles from you as you discover the story behind Marlo's every changing features. With simply suburb pixel graphics that is accompanied by an easy listening soundtrack. The game tells a story as you play, on what has brought Marlo to be who he is today. Those with young minds around be aware it does contain some mature content and a touch of pixelated nudity.

This title was an absolute marvel to play. I really enjoyed the somewhat dark and twisted British humor, along with the visual style of the game. The classic point and click gameplay was a grand time finding and figuring out how to use what I needed to help Marlo in his quest for normalcy. The storyline is brilliant, I do not often play this genre, but this title has me re-thinking that choice. I really have enjoyed this title and played through many times already. With the Steam release, there is an additional ending for the title that the release did not have. This was a pleasant surprise when I thought I had beaten the game and it still was not over.

At the end of my play time, I am left with a desire to play more Marlo. I will be following the developer for future releases. This is one of those titles I would call a Hidden Gem and is a great addition to one's library. With a very fair price point, the only drawback is the game takes less than an hour to finish, but you are not left feeling incomplete. I was, however, left with a desire for more. I was sad to see the end of the game and Marlo return to a normal life. Sequel Please!!!

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+ Brilliant Presentation
+ Outragous Humor
+ Steam Achievements


- A bit Short
- No Steam Trading Cards

Review Summary

The Mind of Marlo: "Marlo Davenport" Stars in Transformation Trouble's Living with Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome.

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10