The Last Sky


You play as Jake, an old man; you’ve been struggling with PTSD for many years. To quell your inner demons, you seek the help of Tarak, an enigmatic shaman who will take Jake deep into his subconscious dreams. Scared and unsure of what lies ahead on the journey into your mind, Tarak assures you that there’s nothing to fear.

The game starts with you asleep in bed, a softly spoken voice telling you to wake up. The sun streams through the windows as you crawl out of your pit and get dressed. Looking around the room you see a fireplace, desk, piano, gramophone, and a big grandfather clock with pictures adorning the walls.

There are two doors, one of which goes down to the basement.  However, both doors are currently locked; you will have to find a key or some other way to open the doors. As you make your way around the room, the places with which you can interact will glow white. While searching, you will uncover items which may come in handy later.

As you progress, you’ll travel through different dreams within Jake’s mind as you look to confront your inner demons. You will also uncover puzzles as you progress through Jake’s dreams. With each puzzle you complete, you’ll be closer to understanding your problems. Tarak will interact with you as you progress, answering some of your questions; there are multiple answers to some of the questions and your answers may influence what happens later.

In the settings there’s options for Sound Level, Display Quality (Low/Medium/High), V-Sync (On/Off), FPS Cap (30/60/Uncapped), Display Resolution and Controls.

The game looks very nice; I like the graphics, and the sounds and music add to the game's atmosphere. The game runs well and the puzzles are not very hard to complete. The game isn’t very big; you can complete it in no time at all - around one hour if taking your time. There are multiple endings to the game along with multiple choice answers which will guide you towards one of the multiple endings.


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+ Looks fantastic
+ Good story and atmosphere
+ Multiple endings
+ Has achievements


- Not very long
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Help Jake as he travels on a shamanic journey with the help of Tarak, a local shaman, as you look to overcome your troubles.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10