The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird's Tale


The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale is an adventure, point and click visual novel with a touch of turn-based combat mixed into it.

The game lets you tag along with Kristal, a curious young girl who hopes to set off on a journey of self-understanding.

It’s another dull boring day for Kristal, working around the clock for the circus. Kristal starts to question her life; she feels her life is pointless around the circus. Kristal wants to know more about herself.

Kristal wants to see the world around her.

Meanwhile, Kristal spots someone sitting just outside the circus, and she wants a better look.

A handsome young boy.

Upon interaction, the boy’s pleasant behavior and humor charms Kristal.

Kristal expresses her desire to travel around the world to the boy. She explains that she wants to go on a journey somewhere far from here.

The boy asks, “Would you like to come along with me?”

Kristal is shocked. She wants to go with the boy but feels a rush of uncertainty. She doesn’t know what to say.

The boy smiles and suggests that Kristal think about it and that they could talk about it tomorrow. Kristal agrees and decides to wander around the circus to see if she wants to change her mind about leaving.

So for that day, Kristal goes around the circus thinking about the charming young boy she met and her wish of travelling around the world.

The Girl of Glass: a Summer Bird’s Tale, brings an amazing Visual Novel experience to the table with its incredible story about this young girl and her adventurous dreams.

Visual Novel: The game’s visual novel experience is just fantastic and is complimented by absolutely gorgeous art style.

Gameplay: a simple, traditional point and click style of gameplay. Solid base gameplay that lets you click once to walk, click twice to run, interact with items, and store items in your backpack for later use.

Combat: a simple turn-based combat system nicely complements the base gameplay. A simple combat system that lets you and your opponent take turns to attack or defend. Clicking on Kristal’s head lets you choose between attack and defense and lets the animation play out. Between turns, you will also see how conversations between Kristal and her opponent play out.

Voice acting: By far the best feature about this game is its voice acting. The actor playing our main protagonist, Kristal, embodies her perfectly, and that plays out perfectly with the amazing visuals and animations.

Character progression: I won’t spoil it for you, as this is an important aspect of the game. Suffice it to say that this game did a great job. Kristal is a very interesting character and I wanted to see how the game went about her progression; I must say am very satisfied.  The character development was not rushed and took its time to build up her character and let her express herself at a good pace.

NPC interactions: Interactions between NPC’s and Kristal played out flawlessly. The dialogues were well thought-out and appropriate for each scenario.

Settings: The settings were simple and user-friendly with two graphical qualities. The in-game UI was simple. Each time the game loads, you have to choose between the Mouse or the Controller option (it’s a bit odd having to choose every time you start the game).

In-game settings: the in-game settings were fine with very few things to be tweaked.  There’s Music volume, SFX volume, Narrator volume, Enable auto save, Center align subtitles and Gamepad sensitivity. I did find it very annoying that I couldn’t change settings while in conversations/Interactions with the NPCs.


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+ Great Story
+ Good character progression
+ Great dialogues
+ Great voice acting
+ Gorgeous visuals
+ Solid traditional point and click gameplay
+ Decent turn-based combat system


- Doesn’t allow setting changes between conversations

Review Summary

Absolutely fantastic visual novel experience, with strong character progression and gameplay.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10