The Evil Within 2


What would be your state of mind if you ever lost your child? Would a bar become your favourite place to be, with a bottle being the only thing in this world worth holding onto, its sole purpose being to mask your grief? That is exactly what happened to the detective, Sebastian Castellanos. He believed that his sweet daughter, Lily, died in a horrible house fire. That was before an old detective colleague reached him at the same bar and told him that his daughter had, in fact, been kidnapped by the very organization for whom she worked.  She is still alive and the detective needs Sebastian’s help to find her in the strange world of STEM. This is The Evil Within 2.

The Evil Within 2 is a Third Person / Action / Horror Game were you play Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who has to descend into the imaginary town of Union within the STEM World to save his daughter.


Before going further into this review, I would like to let you know that I am generally not a fan of horror games. Most of the games I‘ve played that are classified as horror are actually not scary at all! However, there are a few good ones that have an intense atmosphere, and create moments that take you by surprise and make you jump! In this game, you might experience several such creepy moments. In my opinion, it’s a great third person action game!

I really like the video 8 type of screenshot when you land in the main menu. From here, the first hour or so will be a combination of story-telling and gameplay which is really well done and enjoyable to watch and play. The nitty gritty will start when you reach the STEM town of Union. Well, this is where you will be able to choose either to play the main story straight away, or opt for a side mission (of which there are plenty in this game). Sebastian will be equipped with a communicator device. With this gadget, he will be able to track down parts of past communications and be directed to where they took place for further information. Sebastian will have a small amount of ammunition and weaponry; he will only be equipped with a knife when he first enters the town of Union.  Union has been destabilized by something (or someone, for that matter). This fact will be reinforced when Sebastian realises that the town is cut into several pieces and scattered above, below and on both sides of where he is standing, with no way to access them.    

At the start he will pretty much rely on sneaking around enemies to kill them until he finds some weapons. Every time he manages to kill an enemy (monster), he will earn either green gels, items, or ammunition. The green gel can be only used in Sebastian’s room to upgrade his skills - weaponry, health, stealth, recovery and stamina. There is a red gel, too, which he can find around Union Streets and houses, and use to upgrade a special skill. There are plenty of other items to pick up in this town. Gun powder, weapon parts and many others, which can be extremely useful to craft ammunition, health syringes and other important items when you find a bench work. The game will save automatically in key point stages, but you can choose to save your progress whenever you reach a safe house, too.

To me, it is a brilliant third person action game, providing creepy moments all the way through! Probably a contender for the best game of the year, in my opinion.

Graphically, it’s stunning. Great soundtrack and sound effects. In terms of the story, it is well written and keeps you entertained in every chapter. In terms of the controls, I prefer to use the mouse and keyboard rather than the gamepad for this type of game. Just a personal preference.


+ Stunning graphics
+ Good story with side missions
+ Creepy atmosphere
+ Good selection of weird enemies
+ Ability to craft items
+ Good voice acting
+ Achievements and trading cards


- You might find the aiming a bit weird at first

Review Summary

This is definitely one of the best games I have played this year, no doubt about it!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10