The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters


Something ominous is going on at Sehwa High. One night our protagonist, Mina Park, faces this reality as she wakes inside the school, where the atmosphere is dark and eerie and doesn't feel normal to her. She soon discovers that she is trapped between the world of the living and world of the dead. There is also a malevolent entity that wishes her dead, as well as eldritch servants that control this realm she must avoid. Unlock the mystery of what is happening at Sehwa High as you travel the community of Sehwa; why are you trapped here, who is behind this as well as how you can escape?

As you explore the many regions, collect notes for story information.  There are also scattered, torn pages with lore to collect, and even bonus art content you can use to change the launcher backgrounds. Hiding and escaping from the entities is possible with the use of QuickTime events; if you hit them in the correct sequence and you just may survive the encounter.

Released on Nov 7, 2019, in Early Access, by the developer Devespresso Games, and published by Headup, WhisperGames. It reached full release on Jan 28, 2020. It is tagged Adventure, Horror, Single Player, and I have added Indie, Visual Novel, and Casual to the tags. It features an exceptional graphic design with hand-drawn visuals & comics, sensational animations, as well as a brilliant soundtrack and audio design that set the eerie atmosphere. A mind-boggling story to unravel as you try to escape. A tutorial is included as well as partial controller support (Xbox & Steam Controller Tested).

What an incredible play! I decided to jump right into the title and skipped the tutorial, as I prefer figuring out the dynamics of a game on my own when possible; it did cost me some playtime, though, as I had to figure out some of the mechanics that the tutorial would have shown me. No regrets though, I have had an exceptional amount of fun discovering everything on my own. This is the best Korean Horror I have ever played. The atmosphere, animations, storyline, and translations were all done to perfection; I have been glued to it since I started playing, and it is not often that a title can grab my attention as this one has. The genre-blending the title presents is imaginative as well as captivating. For the priceline, and amount of game-time the title offers is an exceptional value for all you horror lovers. You do not want to miss this one! Add it to your cart and get playing now; you know you want to, just do it and get it over with.

I did have one time I accidentally deleted my save file when I miss clicked; it would be helpful to have a confirmation for save file deletion to avoid this situation. Just don't derp and miss click as I did and have to start over.  I made use of the 4 save slots after that. I felt there were too many save points making the game a bit too easy in some areas.


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+ Exceptional Graphic Design
+ Sensational Audio Design
+ Mind-boggling Story
+ Partial Controller Support
+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam trading cards


- I have nothing for this section

Review Summary

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters: A Spectacular Example of Korean Horror.  A Must-have for Horror Fans & an Instant Gem!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10