The 9th Gate


You play the role of Kim, a paranormal investigator. After a young girl goes missing and the police find no clues to her disappearance, you come to see if your gifts can help find her. You go to an abandoned apartment where the girl was last seen to start your investigation. The night is dark and stormy, thunder and lightning awaken the night sky as you make your way into the apartment. You enter, your mind flashes and you go blank! You wake up inside a nightmare in the building; you seem to be trapped. What has brought you here and why? How do you find the missing girl and escape? Your phone suddenly rings; there is a woman on the other end saying she is there to help you. You have no choice but to follow along.

The 9th Gate is the first release on Steam by Developer, Spacepup Entertainment, and is self- published. Released on Oct 17, 2018, it is an Indie Action Horror Title. You will find many creatures of the Netherworld that haunt the apartment with its tainted history; from Toyol’s and Saka’s to Langsuir’s, these spirits are not the friendly sort. They all possess different abilities and must be dealt with in different ways. You must use your wits & psychic powers to avoid them and solve the mystery at hand to escape this nightmare and save the girl. So grab your phone and begin your adventure in the realm of The 9th Gate.

You must seek out the objects that have the girl spiritually bound and use them to release her from this realm of darkness and despair. As you free these tainted objects, you will also release other spirits in the building. You must find all the objects before the night ends or you will lose the girl forever - maybe even your own soul could be lost!  Use stealth to work your way around the entities.  Make a mistake and you’d better run for your life; sometimes you can escape, sometimes you cannot! Use just your phone, with its flashlight, recording device, and the camera, to aid you as you look for all the objects to escape. As you explore, there are jade stones and charms for you to collect that will help you by warding off evil and gaining courage - always keep a watchful eye for them. Also, keep an eye out for matches that you can light Holy Candles with to regain courage and ward off spirits.

The 9th Gate is an interesting Horror title. I really enjoyed the lore they used for the creation of the title, and the artwork in the game at times is brilliant! The mechanics do not rely heavily on jump scares, which does not go to say there are none. The way the different mechanics of the game work together made for a fun play. The graphics are modern but dark, as you would expect from a horror title. The creepy sound effects and animations make for a well-rounded title. The game could use some polish, and a few bugs can still be found, but the dev is getting patches out, along with additional localizations. Some of the sound effects and voice acting could use more work, but for the asking price of just $5.99 USD currently, it’s a fair-priced Indie game.


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+ Intriguing Story
+ Steam Achievements
+ Fun Mechanics


- No Steam Trading Cards
- Needs additional Polish

Review Summary

The 9th Gate: Just One Night: with only your phone, can you save her and yourself?

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10