Terraforming Earth


Three robots start freaking out when they stop detecting bio signs on their bio-scanners while training for a terraforming mission to Proxima Centauri. All life has mysteriously disappeared; no Humans, no Plants, nothing remains. However, these robots have the technology to bring everything back to what it was.

Starting a new game, you will have to choose the options; Extra Challenges gives you the most enjoyable game experience. (If for any reason you think you can’t handle it with these settings, then you can change them at any time from the Settings Menu.) The other options are Permadeath (Game Over if you run out of Trust) and Time Pressure (Robots use Battery when in doors). You can also choose Extra Content DLC, Drone and Turret (turning Drone on will allow for Safe Flight, while Turret Off is No Shooting).

The robots Opi, Curi and Spiri all have their own abilities. Curi isn't the brightest AI around but he will get things done. He can carry the other robots and other objects when required and is able to jump due to his rocket-powered caterpillar tracks. Curi is an environment research unit who has been outfitted with anti-gravity drive. This will allow Curi to access areas of open space where the other two robots can’t venture. Spiri accidentally turned herself into a swarm of nano-bots while playing around with plant ribosomes. This allows Spiri to teleport a small distance, and pass through thin walls and other obstacles in her way.

To begin a new level, you’ll need to climb into your rocket and choose your destination from Mission Control. Opie has hacked the E.P.A (Earth Preservation Alliance) databases, which show your location on the world map. Selecting a location will give you some information on the place and any resources which may be there.

Combining all three of the robots’ abilities will allow you to figure out a way to by-pass any obstacles and puzzles on your way to the exit point. All three robots must reach the exit before heading back to base. At base you have a factory once you get it up and running. This will allow you to build new robots although you’ll need some resources; scrap metal and plastic can be found through the levels which you can use. To build a Curi you will need Twelve Plastic and Metal, Opi requires Two Plastic and Twenty-Four Metal, while Spiri needs Twenty-Four Plastic and Four Metal.

Along with the Factory you also can build a Lab and Biodome, these will require a certain number of robots to build. In the Lab you’ll be able to research skills like Auto Deploy or Super Strength. You can unlock new skills faster by increasing your research rate by creating more Curi. The Biodome will allow you to terraform the Earth, and by increasing the number of Spiri you have, you’ll increase the plant growth on Earth.

There are dangers within each level and each time you lose one of your robots, you’ll lose some trust. If you lose all of your Trust then it’ll be game over and all your hard work trying to terraform the planet Earth will be lost.

In the settings you’ll find options for Full Screen, V-Sync, Sound Effects and Music Volume Controls, Permadeath On/Off (Game Over if Trust runs out), Time Pressure, Drone DLC On/Off, Turret DLC On/Off, Intro On/Off and Co-Op Mode.

Terraforming Earth is a nice little puzzle platformer, which can be played solo, in which you control all the robots (this can be frustrating at times if you move the wrong robot before moving another first). I have enjoyed playing the game so far; I haven’t played the game in co-op or PvP, but it could be fun!


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for Zeepond.com!


+ Nice graphics
+ Challenging puzzles
+ Shared, Split Screen Co-op and PvP
+ Has achievements
+ Remote play together


- Frustrating at times
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Take control of three bantering robots and help them uncover why Earth has lost all life, in the puzzle platformer, Terraforming Earth

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10