Terminator: Resistance


Terminator Resistance is a first-person shooter based on James Cameron’s action/sci-fi blockbuster the Terminator series of movies. Terminator Resistance is a first-person shooter set during the ‘’future conflicts of human race vs machines’’; a scenario that takes us right into the iconic films of James Cameron – The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment day.

Story: The year 1997 August 29, the US Military artificial intelligence defense network, better known as Skynet,, became self-aware. Skynet, in order to protect itself, initiated a nuclear holocaust. Throughout the world, Skynet launched an all-out nuclear strike on all the major cities, starting a major campaign to exterminate the human race. But pockets of human resistance fought back, led by John Conner.

In 2028 Skynet sent a T-850 Infiltrator unit back in time to target and kill Jacob Rivers, who led a strike directed at Jacob’s unit, The Resistance Pacific Division. After a surprise attack, the whole Pacific division was wiped-out and Jacob became the sole-survivor of the unit, while deployed in Pasadena.

While tracking through the ruins of Pasadena, Jacob ran into a group of civilian survivors.

Surviving another wave of attack, Jacob along with the group of civilian survivors, escaped the area and set out to rejoin with a Tech-com unit led by commander Jessica Baron.

Commander Jessica Baron has some ambitious plans to attack the Skynet. Now Jacob Rivers must assist commander Baron with her plans while surviving the constant threat from the T-850 Infiltrator unit.

Gameplay: Terminator Resistance features a traditional first-person shooter gameplay, set in a far-off post-apocalyptic future.

 Terminator Resistance represents the post-apocalyptic theme perfectly, with its environment, ruined buildings, futuristic plasma, and laser weapons, a variety of Skynet war machine units, etc.

The core gameplay is nothing to write home about but combined with all the other aspects of the game, Terminator Resistance turns into a Terminator fan boy’s play dream.

Right from the get-go, you will be running away from T-800s, and within a minute you will be armed with basic SMG.

TR features quite a few iconic Human built weapons, Modified Conventional Weapons, and Plasma Weaponry. Each one is detailed and well put together, with its own unique sound effects and muzzle flash. But I must say Human built Conventional weaponry is where the game comes short, with its lackluster animations and no bullet shell ejection animation.

Infiltrator mode: The game currently features two game modes: Main campaign mode and Infiltrator mode. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the free DLC Infiltrator mode.

Infiltrator mode lets you play as T-800 Infiltrator Unit. You will be tasked with the elimination of a high-value target. Unlike the main campaign, Infiltrator mode allows you free range on how you go forward with the mission.

In the beginning, you won’t have any Intel on the target; you will have to kill and go through resistance soldiers, patrols, outpost, hideouts, command posts, communication stations and collect Intel on the high-value target. And since Infiltrator mode is score-based, you will get extra points attacking other high-value resistance targets, weapon storages, supplies, scavenge hideouts, etc.

Intel collection is an important part of this game mode; you will be able to collect Intel from dead bodies, notes, laptops, documents, etc.

Some major plus points of Infiltrator mode:

  1. Classic terminator red tint vision
  2. Unique HUD
  3. More carry capacity
  4. Terminator-appropriate sound effects
  5. One-hit door brace
  6. Limited slow-motion while finishing an objective or bracing doors
  7. The immersive heavy feeling from the T-800s weight, while letting the machine be fast and agile
  8. Unique self-repair system

World Design: I must say Terminator Resistance portrays the war-torn, post-apocalyptic world just perfectly. Everywhere you look there’s destruction and fire, but surprisingly, not a lot of death (I mean, come on . . . a nuclear holocaust took place here - humans and machines are fighting all the time - the game should have portrayed roads and buildings full of human remains and destroyed machines!).

But other than that, it’s just perfect. The ominous sky colour and the dark silent nights brings an extra flair to the game and makes things more immersive.

Sound effects and music: Terminator Resistance is full of goosebump-triggering moments with its familiar music from the Terminator series and amazing sound effects. From footsteps to weapon sound effects, everything felt in place and contributed to the immersion perfectly.

Lighting and reflection: By far the worst aspect of Terminator Resistance is its lighting and reflections. It’s just a hot mess, the reflections don’t work properly. The only form of light transition in-game during the night is its grim night sky (no complaints there) and roadside fires scattered around the world. These patches of fire look really bad, the lighting doesn’t transmit well, the colours look bad, the light goes through walls, etc. This just badly breaks the immersion. And not just that these issues are strongly connected to the human night vision systems minor issues. The greeny tint visuals are fine for the most part. But as soon as you look at the fire the colours look bad it’s just a mess.

The Skynet Machines: The star attraction of any terminator product - the machines. The game features a large variety of machines for you to destroy. Well designed and well animated, they look great and playout perfectly. But sadly you don’t get to interact closely with them that much; it’s a bummer that you can’t enjoy the details of those glorious tin cans up close!


Review written by BiteMexD for Zeepond.com!


+ Rich Story
+ Solid FPS gameplay
+ Great choice of music and sound effects
+ Variety of Skynet machines
+ Great selection of weapons
+ Immersive world design
+ Well put to gather skill-tree
+ Free Infiltrator game mode DLC


- Poor lighting and reflection
- No photo mode
- Overall graphic quality doesn’t hold up
- Needs more content
- No shell ejection from pre-war weapons

Review Summary

Resist Skynet’s war machines and strike back to resist annihilation.

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10