Superfighters Deluxe


Welcome to the battle, as a genetically-altered super soldier you are now ready for battle and being deployed to serve your country. You will be armed with a broad array of weapons to pummel, open fire on and blow up the menacing forces that stand against you. Pick up the weapons of those you have over-powered to take out their comrades. You even have a power-up for when the battles get out of control. Are you ready for the monumental challenges that stand ahead of you? The time is at hand soldier, prepare yourself, this war will not be won by itself.

Superfighters Deluxe is the first title on Steam by developer Mythologic Interactive, and was released Nov 30. 2018. It is a violent brawler, a platformer with brilliant pixel graphics, well-built level designs and over the top action. There are great sound effects for the barrage of bullets and explosions that rock the world. Campaign mode has 1 map with 5 chapters, Survival has 2 maps and Versus 1 map.  There is a good assortment of advanced settings for hosting your own games, along with 4 difficulty settings to suit your punishment level. With the release of version 1.0.4 Port forwarding is no longer needed to host and join a game with the introduction of NAT punch-through technology to the title. (Great Work :D)

The title is full of all the bells and whistles. Being a deluxe version, it is packed full with a ton of features, some of which include Xbox 360 Controller support. No others are listed that I have seen, and it is the only type of controller I have for testing. The game is easier to play with a controller than with a keyboard. As the abundant number of controls can be difficult to adjust to, I do recommend playing the tutorial to get familiar with all the mechanics. There is also in-depth character customization; change the color for all of the body areas, as well as gear for your character. It even includes a Map Editor, allowing you to build and share your own content for the title on the Steam workshop. It contains Single-Player, Online/Local Multi-Player, and Online/Local Coop, even Shared/Split screen. There is an included dedicated server. What more could you ask for?

I must say, as their first release on Steam, I am all kind of impressed with the title. All I can say is they have built a brilliant game and stuffed it to overflowing with gorey fast-paced gameplay. Instantly after playing my first time, I ran over to their Steam developers page and started following the developer in anticipation of what they release next. I would like to see additional maps and chapters added to all game styles. A wider variety of stock maps would be a great bonus for users for added variety while playing, as not everyone likes to use the Steam workshop. But for those of you who do, feel free to download others maps and even make your own to share. Additional controller support would serve the title well, as it is much easier to play the game via a controller and not everyone has an Xbox 360 controller (I haven’t tested any others). Server population is kind of lite being a newer title, but there were always 3 to 10 games I could join when I played.

An Instant Classic and must have Gem for you Multi-Player Platforming Addicts out here. For all the content the game contains, the price line is great. You know your mates would love to play too, so grab them a copy! I would like to see 4 packs available on the store page, though. All Coop titles should come in 4 packs for us Coop Addicts.

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+ Wonderful Pixel Graphics
+ Fantastic Fast-Paced Gameplay
+ Multitude of Ways to Play


- No Achievements
- No Trading Cards
- Needs Additional Stock Maps

Review Summary

Superfighters Deluxe: Intense Bloody Urban Warfare

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10