Super Captain 3D


You are Super Captain 3D: You are sitting at home enjoying a peaceful day on Earth, when the newscaster announces an invasion by pixel invaders. You know instantly it is your calling to save the earth and the universe from the evil invaders and you leap into action. You must utilize all of your hero’s abilities to defeat the pixel invaders and save the universe. You must fight across 8 stages against over 20 types of alien with 4 Epic Bosses. You only get one shot at saving the universe; die and its game over!

Released on Nov 12, 2018 & self-published by Developer Team Gizmoid, it is their 2nd release on Steam. The game features 2D pixel art combined with 3D pre-renders for a vibrant yet retro look and feel. It is a Side Scrolling Shooter which also gives your character some added abilities.  Along with your standard laser vision, you will defend yourself with a Force Field that turns your body to steel, warping in any direction, even through objects.  There’s also a Death Ray that will obliterate everything in its path. All of these are upgradeable as you see fit as you earn xp. Use them correctly for devastating combos. Collect the Super Power Ups for a temp boost to your basic laser vision with Explosive, Piercing and Spread Shot & even an Orb Shield.

The game is a fun little indie and a great addition to one's library. It has a cute art style and fun side scrolling bullet hell gameplay, though it is a bit difficult. Getting through the levels is not too hard, but the boss fights can be quite difficult. So being a permadeath game it can be frustrating to advance as you learn about the bosses so you can beat them to progress. The game recommends controller use, but does allow for keyboard use. For achievement hunters, it also includes 21 achievements. Sadly, it does not include trading cards at this time. The game’s Priceline is more than fair, making it an affordable title for any indie lover out here.

I did have to run the game in x1080; at x768 part of the screen was cut off. There are no graphic settings besides going Fullscreen or Window mode, which was not a huge deal as I do run an older x720 tv as my main monitor. Till I upgrade, this is my problem. The game is fun, though I would have preferred that it not have permadeath. Yeah, I had to start over many, many, many times.

So now is the time for you to grab your copy of Super Captain 3D and save your Universe Today!


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+ Steam Achievements
+ Fair Price-Line
+ Challenging Gameplay


- No Steam Trading Cards

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Super Captain 3D: Saving the Universe from the Evil Pixel Invaders

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10