Suicide Guy


It is just another day; we are lazing around the apartment watching TV and enjoying our favorite beer. We start to doze off in our chair, and just as we start to fall asleep we lose our grip on that oh-so-tasty beer and it starts to fall towards the floor. Now in the dream state, we must find a way out to save our beer from a disastrous fate. We are in an older-style restaurant, like the ones your grandparents would have hung out in as teens, and drink ice cream sundaes and eat cheeseburgers with friends. The tables hold the gateways to the levels and will be played in succession; you must find a way to end your life in each level through a series of puzzles of various designs. Explore and find the collectible statues of our protagonist on the way, there is one hidden in every level except the ending. You must hurry and wake up if you want any hope of saving your favorite beverage!

Released on Jul 14, 2017, by the developer Fabio Ferrara, & released by the publisher Chubby Pixel, this is their tenth release on Steam since mid-2014. This indie title is a humorous puzzle game with a simple & colorful art style. It features full controller support, stats, and leader boards. With 24 levels of puzzles to solve, as well 3 extra levels, each with their own unique design and puzzles that vary vastly from each other, it has a cute cartoonish low-poly graphics design. The puzzles are fun and not overly challenging. I will rate it as casual, as some puzzles will require a little thinking outside the box to finish the level.

The settings cover all the basics. For video: resolution, fullscreen, quality & camera effects. Audio has master volume and effects and 5.1 surround option. For the game options, you can invert the X & Y axis, change the sensitivity, change the vibration, choose the language & delete your data. There is also a control tab to see the keyboard and controller layouts (these are not re-configurable).

The title is not without issues. I did have some props disappearing in some levels when dropped, requiring a restart of that level (it happened to me multiple times in level 20 with the item we need to use to finish the level). The first interactive block in level 21 kept glitching as well. Audio for some boom boxes did not function as intended; the audio just did not function in that area for them, which isn't really game-breaking, just annoying if you have to restart.

I had a lot of fun during my playthrough, the puzzles with their wide varieties of challenges did not get boring with a repetitive design. It has a fair price point for the amount of playtime you receive. I am sure many players could beat it faster than I did, but I am not a speed runner - I love to explore every inch and cranny of a game.  I was shy of 2 of the achievements when I finished; one was to collect all the idols, which I was positive I did, but it didn’t drop (I will have to double check, as all 24 of my tables that had the plates for them have been filled). As for the other, I think I know what to do to finish it.


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+ Trading Cards
+ Achievements
+ Fun Casual Puzzles
+ Cute Art Style
+ Fair Price Point
+ Full Controller Support


- Minor Bugs

Review Summary

Suicide Guy: Brings a Whole New Meaning to Dying for a Beer!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10