A point-n-click adventure where you’ll guide Clodomir through the underworld of the garbage collection centre, brought to you by CrazyKraken.

You play as Clodomir; you’re looking forward to the Snail Race Grand Finale, which is on later tonight, but first you decide to dispose of your garbage for recycling at the collection centre. So, you head off to the collection centre, and while you’re throwing your garbage into the collection hole, you’re hit on the head by someone’s garbage, which knocks you out and you plummet into the collection hole.

At the bottom of this deep hole is where all the garbage is collected for recycling, which allows for the limitless reuse of these resources, as the world is overpopulated with dwindling resources. Luckily for you, someone had thrown away a mattress, and you just happened to land on it, breaking your fall. You wake up to find yourself in a cave on top of a giant garbage pile. You look to see if you can climb back to the surface but you’re miles underground and unable to climb back up. So, you climb down the pile of rubbish and start to search the cave looking for a way back to the surface, and hopefully get back in time for the grand finale snail racing you’ve been so excited about watching.

As you make your way through the cave system, checking everything around you in case you find something which may come in handy later, you find yourself in an underground village. Upon entering the village, you notice a well, a tavern and exits to other parts of the village and caves. There’s also a guard who seems to be sleeping, so you go to ask him for help in getting back to the surface; sadly he hasn’t a clue, but says the mayor may be able to help you. However, the mayor is a drunk and lives in the tavern, which isn’t really a problem until the guard tells you that you can’t enter the tavern unless you have a “Tankard ID”. It seems everyone’s a drunk down here and has personalised tankards as identification. The guard says to you that the blacksmith can help you in acquiring a tankard ID, so you head off to see the blacksmith for some ID so you can have a talk with the mayor about getting back home. Sadly, the blacksmith is nowhere to be found, so you start looking around the village and surrounding areas for a tankard and a way back to the surface.

As you search through the caves and villages, you’ll find objects scattered around the place. Some you’ll be able to take with you, or you’ll be able to use another object on them. At the blacksmith’s there’s a crafting table which you can use to combine certain objects together, which can then be used elsewhere. So, you must check everywhere thoroughly; one missed object could have you running around like a headless chicken wondering what to do.

There are two game difficulties - Jhom Wadson (hints available) and Shernock Folmes (no hints available). Once you’ve chosen the difficulty, you’ll be given the option of how the text will flow, either Manual (click for next text) or Automatic (text will move on after a few seconds). If you decide to go with automatic, you’ll still be able to click to pass a line of text.

If you do play the game with the easier game setting, Jhom Wadson, and you find yourself scratching your head about what to do, then in the top left corner there’s a “question mark” which, when you click it, makes Shernock Folmes appear; he’ll give you a hint on whether there’s something of interest that you’re missing. To help, you can also hold right click down - it will open a small round window which you can move around the screen to find points of possible interest, which are indicated by an exclamation mark.

The options consist of Language (English and French), Fullscreen, Resolution, Volume and Luminosity. There’s three save slots for you to save any progress, and the game does save automatically after each action you take. You can play the game with only the use of your mouse.

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+ Nice hand-drawn graphics
+ Funny Dialogs
+ Saves automatically for you after each action


- Game froze on me a couple times
- No achievements
- No cards

Review Summary

Help Clodomir search for a way to escape from the recycle collection centre and back to his surface home in time for tonight’s Snail Racing Grand Finale.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10