Stick Spartans


Greetings Spartans! Welcome to the Arena, grab your stick and prepare yourself to battle your way to victory. With nothing but a will to survive and your ability to jump along with the thrust of your trusty stick, you must crush your opponents without remorse, or they will you. So let's get going and kick some dust up in your opponents face,

Released and Self- Published on Jun 15, 2018, by developer Sugoi Yellow, Stick Spartans is a casual, family-friendly, indie game. It has 2 to 4 player local coop, along with single player against bots. There are 4 types of gameplay to choose from: standard, capture the flag, king of the hill and instakill. There are also additional modifiers you can use to change up the gameplay including longer sticks, super speed, and dual sticks. With a simple low poly art style, it is visually pleasing without being cluttered with too many additional background props.

There is no storyline for the title; it is a couch potato brawler at heart. It does have a single player mode, but I found the AI to easy to manipulate; a standard round took 3 to 5 secs to beat the opponent, so it got monotonous quite fast. I have not tested the Multiplayer portion of the title, as I do not have the controllers needed to test it, but I believe the couch potato gameplay is where this title will shine. The title would be served well by adding online-multiplayer along with local-multiplayer, opening up a broader audience for the game.

I find the game to have a good foundation, but lacking in the single-player portion, the AI was really too easy to beat. And without online-multiplayer, only a limited audience will be able to play it multiplayer. If it had online capabilities it would be a great addition for our coop gaming group. Also, one of the achievements is dependent on playing a 4-player couch potato game to get 100% on achievements, and most will find it difficult to accomplish. Even if local coop is added, instead of just couch potato mode, that would open up the title for users to use virtual network applications to play together. I loved the fact it does have multiple game modes. Some additional modes and more varied levels added would be a nice addition to the title.


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+ Simplistic Visual Style
+ Steam Achievements
+ Family Friendly


- Local Coop Only(couch potato mode)
- No Steam Trading Cards
- AI Could Use Improvement

Review Summary

Stick Spartans: A Family Friendly Couch Potato Stick Battle.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10