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The band is chilling at the Rollin' Rocka Club having a drink, and Rock Rocket is discussing a crazy dream he had the night before. You're interrupted by your agent calling with the news he has a gig for you to open for the hippest band in the galaxy at the Galaxy Fest. We now choose which character we will play - there are 3 in total: Soul Old Orleans, Rock Rocket and Harmony Riff, each having their own ship. You must reach the venue on time, avoiding the obstacles, while trying to get the best score possible. Go with the flow of the music, let the beat become a part of you as you weave in and out of traffic. There are those who do not want to see you make it to the show and will try to stop you. Do not get too relaxed; you made it through the traffic but the level boss is waiting for your arrival after every stage.

Released on Dec 14, 2016, by the developer The Stonebot Studio, and published by Ludus Games, this is their first release on Steam, and they also have a new release scheduled to come out this month! This indie title is a humorous, rhythmical, bullet hell, obstacle course, score attack with a retro design. It features partial controller support; I used my Xbox 360 controller without issue. It's an amusing story-driven game with a rocking 80’s-themed soundtrack. There are 4 difficulties to accommodate any skill level, from casual to hard-core players. Compete with online players for the high score from around the world with the Global Leaderboards. There are 2 types of gameplay included: a story mode, and an arcade mode, with10 levels in each of the game styles. Optionally included is a tutorial to teach you the mechanics of the game.

For settings, there are preset graphics quality ranging from low to ultra, and resolution, along with fullscreen or windowed mode. For the audio, you may change the following volumes: master, sfx, music, and voices. Also, you may turn on and off subtitles from here. The controls for the keyboard and controller are also shown here. None of the controls are rebindable, so you must use the presets.

Quite an intriguing game. I am not really into the guitar hero-type games much, but this one blends in other genres for an unusual mixture of gameplay. It requires honing your reflexes; as you progress in the stages, the speed will steadily increase, faster and faster. I was taken back to the days of playing Battle Toads, as one of my favorite parts of that title was the obstacle racing it provided. My reflexes these days are not nearly as good as they were back then, I am afraid, but it was still a lot of fun digging into the levels. The balance is pretty good.  All too often I find games that you can get through the levels easy enough, but the bosses are overly hard. For this title, the bosses challenge level is in tune with the difficulty level you have chosen.  It has fair replayability with the 4 levels of difficulty to master and 2 different game styles.

Achievement hunters should note that some achievements are difficult to acquire.


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+ Achievements
+ Trading Cards
+ Fair Priceline


- A little short

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Stereo Aereo: Obstacle Racing at Break Neck Speeds with a Beat!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10