Starr Mazer: DSP


It has been fifteen years since the G’ell have been defeated! But they are back with a larger and stronger fleet than before. Mankind faith is in the hands of a few skilful pilots. You are now in charge to select the best fighters for the survival of mankind!

Star Mazer: DSP is an Action/Side Scroller/ Shoot’Em Up game where you take control of a squadron of pilots who fight against the alien fleet of G’ell!

You will start the game in Act One with three pilots in your squadron. Your goal is to clear all Acts with the pilots you have at your disposals.

At first, you are not going to excel at your task. In fact, you are probably going to die very quickly. However, as far as you may go, each time you get rid of a G’ell fleet wave, a green diamond will appear. Just go over them and you will get additional power for your secondary weapon. Oops, I may have gone a step too far with excitement. As I mentioned before, you will be allocated three pilots. Each will fly their own spaceship with a main weapon and a secondary one. Your second weapon has a time limit but will be more effective against the G’ell.

Your first run will most likely be somehow . . . miserable. But do not despair, as you get rid of a G’ell wave, a green diamond will appear and you will get point (money) and build up your secondary weapon.

Depending on how you manage during your first run (and each run thereafter), you will accumulate points (money) and will be able to purchase new pilots for your next run. Pilots will be available in three squadrons:  Dog, Hyena and Wolf. Dog Squadron does not have a fee but the pilots and their ship are not the greatest. Hyena will and Wolf will cost you a fee to access “la crème de la crème” in terms of pilots and ships.

Gameplay-wise, the game is fast, addictive and really fun to play with a good soundtrack, too! What I really like is that each pilot has their own voice-over. In regards to the controls, you must have a gamepad.

This game is currently on early access and I am looking forward to seeing new updates.


+ Fun, fast and addictive gameplay
+ Great pixel graphic
+ Core arcade game
+ Game achievements


- Fustrating at times
- No trading cards

Review Summary

Starr Mazer:DSP is a good arcade/side scroller/shoot’em up game. Be part of the resistance and send the G’ell invaders back where they came from!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10