Songs for a Hero - A Lenda do Herói


The game begins with a mysterious girl talking to you in your dreams. She claims that she is trapped and that you have to help her, and the clock is ticking. She tells you that she is being held captive in a castle by some evil demon. Only a true hero can vanquish the demon and set her free; it will be dangerous, but you are her only hope. After the vision, the hero (you) springs out of bed fully donned in armour so you don’t have to waste any time in getting ready for your quest.

It’s funny that you’re sleeping in your armour; I mean how bloody comfortable is that going to be? What is even funnier is the singing that your hero does throughout the game. He’ll sing his story and everything else which is about to happen, which is a good thing as he’ll give some clues as to what may be ahead of you on your quest. Your rescue mission begins on the Greenish Hill Act I; you’ve got your armour along with your trusty sword and shield. Greenish Hills looks like it would normally be a nice, pleasant place through which to wander through. However, since your dream there now seems to be huge snakes slithering around.

Each of the mission stages consist of Three Acts and a Final Boss level to complete before moving on to the next area. Each stage has a different terrain, such as wooded, volcanic, cave, underwater etcetera. Making your way through each stage will have you walking, swimming and jumping over gaps in the ground, from platform to platform, or moving upwards to new areas. There are save points through each stage, so should you die you will respawn at the last save point. Defeating the boss on the final level will require a strategy, depending on the boss.  As you progress past each falling boss, the mysterious girl will appear with more information about the situation.

You will find new abilities as you search and make your way through each level. Sometimes you may find somewhere that you cannot quite reach currently, but revisiting that place later with new abilities may allow you to proceed. Throughout every stage are Medals, Notes and Chests along with Coins which you can collect and may just help improve your hero. At the end of each stage you’ll have a detailed Score card consisting of all the Coins, Medals, Noted and Chests you collected, as well as the Time taken to complete that stage. You will come across a village where you can interact with various characters and buy items with the gold coins you collect. Some parts of the village may not be accessible to you at first, so don’t forget to check back at regular intervals.

In the options there’s settings for Resolution, Full Screen, Subtitles, Language (English and Portuguese), Music, Master, Voice and Effects Volume Sliders, and Controls (Keyboard Shortcuts and Gamepad buttons).

Songs for a Hero is a cracking game; the graphics are fantastic, the lyrics are funny and the game is not too hard to play, while being challenging enough to keep you interested. The hero may find the princess in the end, but they won’t make the next round in Americas Got Talent. I must admit I did have to turn the singing off and instead watched the subtitles. The singing was ok for a while but once my ears started bleeding, I had to draw the line. You can also change your hero's appearance from the Skin’s section on the Main Menu screen. Currently there are fourteen skins for you to choose from.


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+ Awesome graphics
+ Funny Lyrics
+ Multiple hero skins
+ Has achievements
+ Has cards


- Tone deaf singing

Review Summary

After seeing a vision of a princess being held against her will, you head off with the intention of finding and freeing her from the evil that holds her captive.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10