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Song of Farca takes place in the near future, where IT corporations are slowly gaining more and more control. Technology is now part of everyday life, and some things are impossible to be without. Criminal organisations are trying to resist the power of the powerful corporations as the city of Farca enters a cyberpunk future. You play as Izy (Isabella Song), a Private Investigator who is under house arrest after a bar fight. However, this won’t stop her from doing her job, especially now that she has her internet back. Your actions will have an impact on the story so choose them wisely.

The game begins with a phone call from an Isaac DeOrce and after a short chinwag he asks if he can be your first client since your house arrest. Your first target is an actor, Boris Samar at the Venom nightclub; Isaac is writing a story on him and he wants you to see what you can dig up on Boris so he can finish his story.

As you can’t leave your home, you’ll have to do everything through the internet. Luckily for you, you have some drones that can aid you so that you can hack cameras, doors etcetera. The game screen is divided into two parts; the upper part is a scene of your room with you sitting at your desk when you’re working on a case, and the lower portion of the screen is where you’ll do all your investigating.

The lower section shows the Location Map.  The buildings that are relevant to your investigation will have an icon above them which you can click on and then enter those premises. In the top left corner is a weather report and the date, and below the weather is your Email, where you will receive important information and news. In the right top corner is your Contact List which displays persons of interest and associates who you can contact by phone. Beside the contact list is your Case Files which will contain all clues and information

Opening the Case Files will show the Investigation Board, any clues and information you have found will appear here. However, you will have to dig deep to find more information and link it all together until you have enough to form a conclusion and solve the objective. Any clues or information can be clicked on, which will open that information and may allow you to uncover more clues. Information highlighted in yellow give you clues relevant to your investigation. Clicking on the highlights will add the clues to your case files, and you will also be able to see links between other clues previously found.

Because you have a lovely government bracelet on your ankle, when you go to visit a location, you’ll have to do so using a camera within or around the area you plan on investigating.  You will hack the cameras which will allow you to look around the room or area. Moving a camera’s angle will reveal new cameras or other points of interest such as doors, tablets, notes and security systems. Each location will require you to find a number of clues before you can leave the location.

The Contact List will allow you to contact anyone there by phone. You also have Maurice on your contacts, Maurice is your AI who can help you with your investigations by analysing items and other uses. You can also call up your suspects and grill them for information or make a conclusion using the clues you have collected. Once you have collected all the information and made your final conclusion, you’ll have cracked the case and it is now closed. You will then move on to the next case.

In the settings you will find options for Graphics - Full Screen, Resolution, Text - Text Speed (Relaxed, Normal and Fast), Language (English, Russian and Chinese), and Sound - Master, Music and Effects Volume Sliders.

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+ Nice graphics
+ Enjoyable game
+ Steam cloud
+ Has achievements
+ Has cards


- I don't have any

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Playing as Izy, a private investigator under house arrest, hack cameras, bots, security systems, tablets, use video processing, question suspects and anything else as you solve crimes where your actions have consequences.

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