Something Ate My Alien


You are the AI Antalasia, a mining class A-star cruiser searching the solar system, Bitiax, for resources. On board are some small, drooly, clumsy little aliens, who surprisingly make excellent miners burrowing for valuables. While scanning the planet Metis for resources, the Antalasia’s systems suddenly die. The ship goes dark and reboots with all the screens indicating WARNING! Intrusion Detected! A pirate ship appears next to Antalasia, then a message appears onscreen . . .

“Greetings puny Antalasia. This is the far superior AI Drengo and you have just been hijacked by me. Don’t be alarmed. I will not harm your systems as long as you follow my commands.” In order to be released from the clutches of Drengo, he gives you a list of valuable loot he wants you to collect for him. This loot is scattered over the nearby planetary system; your first planet to search is Metis. You have no choice, so you send your little alien miners to collect loot for this superior (albeit bloody) pirate AI.

You start with AI Drengo on the Teleporter screen explaining that some resources are currently unknown to him, but will update the data as they are found. The Teleporter screen is where you can teleport down to the planet Metis (first planet). It’s also where you can find Minerals, Gems, Gases, Artefacts, Fossils, Enemies which are required by AI Drengo. Not all resources are displayed, but as you find them, they’ll be shown. Tokens gained from the completion of the ten puzzles on each planet are also stored on the teleporter screen.  In fact, there are eleven tokens which you’ll need to acquire before moving on to the next planet. The eleventh token is gained by defeating the “Something “(creature) which dwells in the depths and keeps eating your aliens.

Teleporting down to the planet Metis, AI Drengo will give you some information to help you understand the game. You begin with a Mining Laser to help you mine your way through Metis in search of resources. You will also have a gun, the Magnacer, which will help protect you from the creatures on each planet. Not all creatures can be killed by your gun; creatures like Greebles (spiders), Wallstar and others move around on the edge of a block. Using your Mining Laser on a block where a creature is can destroy it, but you could fall foul and get caught in a web or burning projectiles from creatures like the Wallstar. You can craft new guns as you progress and collect the right resources, such as the Pyroblaster, which can deal with those pesky wallcrawl creatures.

Blocks that you can mine are shown with a white outline, while those that you can’t mine are outlined in red. In the blocks which can be mined you’ll find many resources, such as gases, minerals, and fossils of creatures. If there is something within a block that you mine, it will be added to your backpack. Once full, you must return to your ship by teleporter, where all items will be added to your ship's Cargo Bay.

While mining blocks, you’ll uncover new areas in which you can search. In the top right-hand corner is a mini map to help you find your way, although it will only show where you have recently been. It will also show you where any puzzle areas or new teleporters etcetera have been discovered. You can set the mini map to identify certain resources on a planet; sadly, you can only set it to identify three resources, but it’s handy if you’re after a specific resource. It’s very easy to dig down but you will want to move up at some point and this is where your Jetpack will come in handy. The jetpack can also be used to cushion any fall you make so that you can protect your health. If you lose all your health you will find yourself back on the Antalasia for a replacement alien. Any resources collected by your previous alien can still be found in the place where it had died.

As well as creatures attacking you, there are pools of corrosive liquids.  As you search the planet for resources, you’ll have to keep your eye on your health and oxygen. You can mine some hearts to replace your health, and there are places where you can replenish your oxygen. You can find small amounts of energy, health or oxygen from killing creatures.

If you find yourself struggling to find either health or oxygen you can jump into a teleporter and go back to your ship to replenish both. However, if you go back without anything that AI Drengo wants, he starts bloody moaning about the crap you brought back (but one man’s crap is another man’s treasure, so there’s a good chance you can make use of the resources he doesn’t want).

The AI Drengo doesn’t require all the resources that you find and collect, so anything you have spare can be used in crafting new Weapons, Suits, Biometrics and Equipment. You can carry two weapons at any time, if you have them, and you can also increase the efficiency of your Mining Laser. Anything that has the correct resources to upgrade or craft is indicated by a small yellow dot. You craft and upgrade by selecting Customisation in the bottom left hand corner. Collecting fossils, you’ll be able to create full skeletons which can then be used to upgrade your gear for your little aliens. Upgrading your backpack will allow you to carry more resources, and you’ll be able to increase Biometrics, allowing you more health and oxygen.

Making your way through each level, you will come across some doors and levers. If you pull the level it will disable a field around a door allowing you to enter. This doorway will take you to a puzzle, where you’ll have to move coloured blocks into the correctly-coloured places. If you complete the puzzle, you’ll be rewarded with a chest containing resources, and more importantly, a Token. You need to collect eleven tokens in total; ten from puzzles, with the eleventh coming from the bloody creature who keeps turning up, and nearly always once you uncover a chest. This creature can appear at any time; you will hear its roar, giving you that second or two to be ready for it, although sometimes it just appears, catching you off guard and eating you. When it comes to the final fight you’ll have to shoot and hit its many parts until none are left, after which you will have completed that level and be able to move on to the next planet.

I’ve really enjoyed playing Something Ate My Alien; it runs well and looks good. The puzzles aren’t too hard, but they will still get you thinking a little bit.


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+ Good graphics
+ Fun to play
+ Puzzles
+ Has achievements


- No cards currently

Review Summary

Help the AI Antalasia ship and its alien miners to take back control of your ship by collecting the resources required by the superior pirate AI Drengo ship

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