Silent Footsteps


A Swedish scenery photographic point-n-click adventure mystery game, brought to you by Frostlind Games.

You play as Rebecca, whose childhood friend of many years has passed away in some kind of accident in your hometown.  She’s left you her apartment (cleaning lady hasn’t been for a while) and a cryptic note telling you to “follow in her footsteps”.  Maybe it wasn’t an accident after all and she was on to something more sinister.  You have nothing to go on, so you start to search the apartment for clues, checking for anything which may help you understand why your friend has given you her apartment and left you such a cryptic message.

As you find one clue, it will allow you to go to another location or point you towards something else which you may have to discover before finally revealing another clue which will help you further along in your investigation. Some clues may be in parts, so combining them together will reveal the true clues’ meaning.  With others, you’ll have to find something which will then allow you to access the other hidden clues. You’ll come across some characters within the game (who may or may not be of any help to you), even as you sleep.

As you progress and uncover clues or items which may help you, you’re able to collect and store them in your inventory (hover your mouse over the top of the screen). Here, there is also a notepad, which will give some hints for if you become lost and can’t find your way to the next clue.  On the left page, for a more detailed hint, click the hint and it will show you what you’re looking for.

Each of the locations shows the natural beauty of the Swedish scenery in photographs, which are great, and I enjoyed looking at.  The music I found relaxing as I progressed through the game.

There’s a tutorial which you can go through or skip if you’d like; it tells you how to manoeuvre from screen to screen, how to pick up and combine items, and how you can take a closer look at any items you may come across. Upon starting the game you’ll be able to choose some settings: Display Device, Colours 16 or 32bit, Run in Window, Sound Device (Primary, Speakers, Headset, No Sound). In game, you’ll also have Speech, Background and Effects volume sliders, Subtitles on or off.

There are 100 profile saves you can take advantage of, and you’re able to save the game at any time.


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+ Nice photo backgrounds
+ Relaxing music
+ Achievements


- No cards

Review Summary

A nice, relaxing point n click adventure set in Sweden, showing some of its beautiful natural scenery.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10