She Sees Red


She Sees Red is a fantastic interactive thriller. Being my very first interactive movie experience, I must say I am very impressed with this game's creative style and choices.

She Sees Red starts at a gory, sweaty night club. The owner was informed about several people who have been murdered in his club.

Trying to hide his past misdeeds, the owner arrives with his bodyguards at the scene.

But he fails to hide the bodies.

Two detectives follow him into the club; leading this team of two is a bold female detective with a keen eye for details and clues.

She introduces herself by showing off her ID and saying that she was tipped off about the events that took place in the club.

Trying not to get into trouble with the detectives, for the time being the owner follows the detective’s lead.

The first scene of the crime is a storage room. The detectives walk in with the owner and his guards following. The victim - a guard. It seems like a simple murder case, with clear clues about a struggle between the victim and the murderer.

Going through room by room, the detective, with her keen eye and professional skills, finds that every detail tells a bigger picture, and tries to figure out the motive of these murders and chaos.

Going through the story, your choices will impact the outcome of the story.

Every scene that provides you with choices will give you two options, and each option that you choose will build upon your previous choice.

The game provides you with a unique crime/detective thriller story. Although a short story, you will have to play through the game multiple times to see the bigger picture and uncover all the possible endings, which also enables you to find out more about the main characters and their motivations.

She Sees Red provides you with a minimalistic UI and settings.

The gameplay was as simple as it can get, only letting you choose between 2 options at a time. The only downside to the gameplay is that the amount of time you’re given to make your decisions is sometimes not enough.

I must say I was thrilled to recognize some of the actors from other movies I have seen. Knowing their acting skills reassured me that I was in for a good time. 

Fantastic acting and dialog delivery by the actors was a great addition to the overall experience.

By far the best part of the game would be its Voice acting. The game is mainly in the Russian language, which was great on its own and was accompanied by good subtitling.  I had a great time!

The English voice acting and sound dubbing were also well done. I was very impressed by the way She Sees Red implemented English dubbing on Russian gameplay. Although the Lip sync was not on point, it did not create any negative impact on my play through; I couldn’t even pay attention to it over the great detective thriller story.

The banter between the main female protagonist and the male antagonist was well done; at times I could feel the tension building up between them.

She Sees Red was shot in a single location and utilized every corner with the utmost efficiency.

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+ Great story
+ Impressive acting
+ Perfect casting
+ Great voice acting and dubbing
+ Great sound effect
+ Simple gameplay
+ Unique motivations of characters
+ Amazing Videography and Direction


- Short
- Short amount of time given to choose between options
- Sync between original Russian acting and the English dubbing is not perfect

Review Summary

A fantastic interactive movie experience. Short, unique story, and complimented with a great cast.

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10