Season Match 4


Your realm is under threat; the elixir that energises the portals that unified your kingdom has been stolen by the Witch Crow. Embark on an adventure to recover the elixir and save your kingdom in Season Match 4.

Season Match 4 is a casual/match 3 game, developed by Urse Games and published by HH-Games on the 21st of February on the Steam platform.

The game is divided into three sections and consists of over 100 levels which include 90 main levels and 2 event levels per section. These event levels have 6 grids to complete within 24 hours in order to access its rewards, which are amulets and bonuses.

Each section has 30 levels to complete, and you must achieve 3 golden stars to move to the next stage. You’ll also have four fountains and 3 flowerbeds in each of these segments.  The fountain will give you elixirs while the flowerbeds will give you flowers. Bear in mind, it will take up to 20 minutes to generate both items. You’ll need plenty of elixirs to open each portal and flowers to buy in-game bonuses.

Each level will have a different grid full of different coloured gems to match. Before you start each level, you’ll have access to 3 bonuses upfront if you wish. These bonuses will appear straight away on the grid to give you a head start when you match them with the same coloured gems.  There are one or two goals to achieve for every level, such as matching a certain number of red gems, destroying 20 wooden blocks within the grid, or creating bonuses. What I like in this game is that you have to complete these goals within a specific number of moves. If you succeed, the number of moves that you haven’t used will be laid out on the grid in the form of blow-up bonuses, which shoot vertically and horizontally. You’ll also have access to additional bonuses in each of the levels if you need them. The important point is that if you run out of bonuses, you’ll need flowers to purchase them back. You might find more than once that you’ll need extra moves to finish the stage or even to get the 3 golden stars. If that’s the case, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase 5 extra moves at a time with gold coins, which you’ll receive when you successfully finish a stage as well as each time you acquire an in-game achievement.

Nice, colourful graphics, and the music is well suited to the game (but thank God we can turn it off!).  The game will take you around 7 hours to finish.


+ Nice, colourful graphics
+ Over 100 levels
+ 7 hours gameplay
+ In-game achievements


- No trading cards as yet
- No steam achievements as yet

Review Summary

Season Match 4 is an enjoyable match 3 game for all ages!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10