Sacrifice Your Friends


On the main menu screen, you’ll find Couch Play, Online Play, Options, Extras and Quit. Selecting Couch Play or Online Play will take you to the Travel Agency ticket booth. Here you’ll be able to choose the game mode, Story, Arena and Tournament along with Game Guide in Couch Play. The Story and Arena modes you’ll be able to play straight away; playing Tournament will require you to unlock the missions by playing the Story and Arena modes.

In Story mode you can play solo or with up to three friends, and Arena mode is for two to four players.  In Story mode, the travel agency offers a wide variety of travel packages to occult destinations around the world. Your story campaign starts with a visit to the coastal town of Innsmouth, famous for its human sacrifices and its worship of Father Dagon. New guests are invited to try their exclusive guided tour of Innsmouth.

The first port of call in Innsmouth is the Manuxet Bridge, however the darn bus has some bloody technical issues.  It’s broken down on the left side of the bridge and to get it going again you’ll have to backhand some Fishmen. The Fishmen are running around the bridge with parts from the bus; hitting them will make them drop the bus parts. Once they have dropped them, you’ll be required to collect them and transfer them back to the bus as fast as possible.

Every time you are hit it will increase your Stress Meter; when it’s full, it will allow you to transform into a monstrous Avatar of your Cult. Attacking another character will lower their stress level, preventing them from transforming into their Avatar. As an Avatar you’ll have special abilities to help you combat others, but your stress will slowly deplete until you return to your normal character.

There are multiple areas for each stage and on the final area you’ll have to go up against the cult's god for that stage. At the beginning of each area it will display the current objectives which you need to complete before moving on to the next area. These objectives could be to carry an idol to the end of the level, knock one hundred Fishmen off a roof or some other thing you must do.

As you progress, you’ll gain experience points based on how well you do. Gain enough experience points and you’ll level-up your character as well as being awarded a random customisation. You can also unlock new Cults, Weapons and more by playing the Story and Arena modes.

Online Play is where you can play online against random players. Here you can setup a game as Host in either the Public or Private rooms. From here you can also change Region (Asia, Europe, South America, USA East and USA West).

In the options, you’ll find settings for Graphics, Resolution, Quality, Anti-Aliasing, Gamma, Display, Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, FOG and V-Sync. Audio, Master, Ambiance, Music, Sound Effects and Voice Volume Sliders. Gameplay, Controller Vibration, Screen Shake, Player Introduction and Language. Controls, Gamepad and Keyboard shortcuts.


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+ Great looking graphics
+ Couch and Online game modes
+ Fun and enjoyable game
+ Has Achievements


- No cards currently

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Take a guided tour through an H.P. Lovecraft universe, grow your cult and survive the chaos as you Sacrifice Your Friends.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10