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If you are intrigued by organizations like NASA, ISRO, SpaceX, or daredevil missions both manned and unmanned to space, you are a space junky like me, and this game will surely pique your interest.

Rover Mechanic Simulator is exactly what its name suggests, the game does one thing and does it well, which is being a well-detailed sim and nothing else.

Rover Mechanic Simulator takes you on a fascinating journey on board a repair station where you work as a Rover mechanic, taking Rovers inside-out and reprogramming them on a daily basis.

Gameplay:  The game starts off pretty slow, as it lets you go through one component, tool and feature at a time, proper documentation, and explanation.

Although I do wish certain docs were much more compact and came with more visual cues. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take too long to get started.

The game introduces each feature and component via an interaction tab, which is displayed until you’ve done your task, which helped a lot at the beginning.

After you are done interacting with all the tools, workbenches and features, you will be given your first job - inspecting and replacing the damaged wheel of a rover.

For this, you will first need to recover the rover from the bigger Mars vehicle via a crane which you can access from the MCU (Main Control Unit).

From here you can use your WASD keys to control the Crane’s movement and Shift W/S with F to pick it up. Now just move it to the workbench and start disassembling the rover.

By interacting with each wheel, the damaged wheel/part will glow red, which needs to be changed. For that, you will have to take out every screw, nut, and bolt one by one, before getting it out.

The same process comes when you need to install a brand new one. It’s tedious but very detailed; every single repair job will come with detailed assembly, disassembly, and programming functions.

Rover Configurator: Speaking of programming, at times you will need to reprogramme your rover, for which you will need to connect a device to your rover and head over to the configurator to reprogram it.

And you know what? It’s a darn mini-game! And a pretty good one at that. It’s basically a correct-the-electrical-circuit-and-add-the-correct-given-value-to-the-circuit type game, with both positive and negative charges at play.

I knew I was going to encounter some mini-games here, but I wasn’t expecting something this good; it’s quite easy, with some brainpower required to solve.

Crusher: As you stock up on damaged goods, you can just throw them into the crusher to get some valuable building materials out of them. Each time you enter items into the crusher, it will give you a value.

3D Printer: As you work on rover maintenance and repairs, you will repair a lot of parts. Better start making parts! To start making parts you will require some in-game currency which you can easily harvest from the crusher.

Be warned, there are a lot of parts to be printed, so take your time to print the right ones.

Visuals: I would say the weakest point of this game is its visual fidelity. Everything except the rovers, copters, tools, and stations are pretty dull looking.

I mean come on, we’re on Mars, how about some spacewalks or some better views outside the window?

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Rover Mechanic Simulator Zeepond Review


+ Detailed Simulator
+ Tedious yet thorough assembly and disassembly process
+ Fun mini-games
+ Decent sound effects
+ In-depth interacting with some of the best man-made machines
+ Interesting feature set


- Graphical quality could’ve been improved
- UI Visuals could’ve been improved
- At times the game felt very sluggish

Review Summary

Get your hands dirty with some of the most sophisticated man-made machines of exploration and discovery, get to know your Rovers intimately.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10